One Piece

Cosplayer: minato_haruna

Variant: Long dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st April 2013: Nearly nearly done... I have darted my dress now so it fits me properly around the underarms and have done a make up/wig test. Just waiting for my watch to come now and then I can try the whole lot on together...exciting :D

12th April 2013: Dress finished...kind of I have finished my dress but tried it on and its now too big for me at the top, therefore ive got to do some mods to make it fit better. I did a make up test but didn't like the results of drawing the bottom lashes on. Looking on the internet most perona cosplayers use individual false eyelashes for the bottom so I think im going to do it like that.

1st April 2013: Dress I am working on my dress at the moment and this is how far I have got. It still needs the bottom black layer and then the detailing to the front. I also need to install a zip to make it more fitted. but you get the general idea! Once I've finished the dress the costume is pretty much finished just need to buy my boots and a few other bits and put it all together ^^

9th March 2013: Umbrella I have started to cover the umbrella with red fabric. I have got further now than it shows in this pic, i only have a few panels left to cover. I have the eyes, horns and squares ready to attach one this is done. So the umbrella is nearly finished. Then I can start on the dress now ive got my fabric ^^

21st January 2013: Wig I have bought my wig :D I will start this properly once I have finished my polywhirl girl

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 1st February 2013
looking great as always :3

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DarknessCatt - 29th March 2013