Cosplayer: Fizzykat

Variant: commisson

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th February 2013: costume complete here is the whole thing together apart from the trousers and feet

11th February 2013: shoulder armor this is made from half a plastic bowl and foam board attached. the sparaypainted silver

11th February 2013: back finished back

11th February 2013: white thing complete the ying yang is made from some faux leather and the gold is all hand painted

11th February 2013: tao head complete

11th February 2013: head cmplete finished head, i painted in the shading

10th February 2013: head here is the head with complete hat and curtain?

4th February 2013: tail tail is finished, ill attache it to a belt to be worn underneath the clothing

4th February 2013: head progress hat! the hat is made from plastazote, im gonna cover it in black fabric

4th February 2013: head progress lots of shading to be done, but you get the gist of what he looks like

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 12th February 2013
this look absolutly amazing i love it :)