Miki Hoshii

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Strawberry NEO (Xbox)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Best Group @ Hyper Japan Christmas 2012

4th April 2013: Ahh damn... I made the glove for the wrong arm... XD

Too late to take things in now. My left arm is slightly skinnier than my right arm so it will just have to be a bit baggier and the holes will look funny.

Damn me and my tired/ill state...

3rd April 2013: Glove remake I remade the glove out of some heavy cotton lycra twill I bought by accident. Works like a charm, fits so nicely now! I was going to remake the boot covers out of the same fabric but I ran out of time. Didn't plan on being in bed literally all day yesterday, oops...

Sorry for my incredibly tired state, I should really be in bed by now but I was so disappointed with my first attempt at the glove that that was the one thing I just had to remake from this costume if I had to do anything.

1st April 2013: Wig 90% Awwww yeah, the wig took me around 6-8hrs to sew together but it's finally done! I quickly cut in a fringe and took a test photo.

I'll hairspray it to death when I get to Gemu probably, I don't think my lungs can cope with the solvents right now ;o;

I couldn't be assed to do a proper make up test which is why I used the webcam. I just put some false lashes on because with such a voluminous wig - I looked awful without /something/ to make my eyes look bigger!

I am in love with this wig so much *O*

31st March 2013: Wig 40% Everything is now pinned, it's nearly 4am and I want to go to bed but I thought I'd take a quick picture of how it will eventually look like when it's all sewn down. Thickest wig eveeeeer!!

It's quite nice actually, the two wigs weren't completely identical, probably because I bought the first one exactly a year ago. The first one (that was chopped up) was slightly more yellow than the brand new one. So it has a blended blonde effect going on, quite subtle but it gives it more colour depth.

I'm gonna have fun styling this beast...

Basically when I'm bored and wanting to watch more TV, I'll be hand sewing the rest of the wefts. My neck and back are killing me...

31st March 2013: Wig 30% Hi, I'm ill and trying to recover by spending the past 4.5hrs sewing a wig together. It's not helping me recover...

I've only done the bottom wefts ;;____;;

I would fall asleep, but as I decided to sew the wig on my bed whilst watching many episodes of Once Upon a Time, I can't just fall asleep without fear of there being a needle /somewhere/ on my bed and if I move everything then I may get the wefts mixed up. Therefore I must stay up and do as much as I can... I'll at least try and pin everything together before bed.

24th November 2012: Petal skirt 80% Hi, I have a big petal butt.

Ironed it all yesterday, already needs a re-iron. I hate cotton... All the gems are painted with an accidental (nice, but accidental) marble effect and glued on using "SERIOUS GLUE"... They ran out of super glue. So I bought "SERIOUS GLUE", I found it rather amusing.

Made some bias binding from white duchess satin and sewed it all on. Everything is currently pinned in place ready for sewing together, trimming and then sewing on the bias binding. The bias binding is all cut out, I'm literally waiting for my housemates to wake up (i.e. I'll do all this tomorrow morning before rehearsals) so that I can do more on this costume. Damn early sleeping housemates!

Excuse my horrendously messy room. When even I say a room is messy then that's saying something, I've just been very incredibly busy lately orz.

Time Taken: 3hrs

20th November 2012: Petal skirt 10% I started off cutting patterns out of newspaper but gave up quickly because it didn't hold its shape any way. Then I started just cutting out pieces of sew in heavyweight interfacing however it didn't hold its shape either. So I quickly ordered some iron on heavyweight interfacing on eBay and it arrived today, cut out each petal to what I thought would be the correct shape (and horray, I can still work out shapes from scratch!) and pinned it altogether and voila. I have a flower butt.

Now that I know the shapes are fine I'm going to proceed to cut out the fabric pieces. No point in posting pictures of that though. I can't actually sew them together until tomorrow because one of my housemate is asleep and I don't want to wake him... Damn.

Made some white bias binding ready though. Going to town tomorrow to buy some superglue ready to glue on the cabochons. With any luck, my pink sharpie should be arriving tomorrow to colour the cabochons in. I still have some dark pink bias binding I made the other day ready for the petal skirt so hopefully fast-ish progress approaching. I sadly have a crazy amount of Uni work this week as well so can only work on cosplay around that work.

Time Taken: 2hrs

19th November 2012: Top finished Made some really wide bias binding out of the same suiting material as the skirt. Took a lot of patience again because our iron is rubbish so I just had to cut the fabric on the bias and pin everything in place carefully.

Held together with hooks and eyes and velcro, because I can't find an open ended zip short enough for the top.
The straps have heavyweight interfacing inside to hold its shape.

The little pom pom is just placed there for the time being, I need to go out and buy some glue!

Ignore colours, I couldn't be arsed to shoot in manual mode so I couldn't change the white balance.
I would have taken a picture with it tried on, unfortunately it's 1.30am right now and I am freezing and cannot be arsed to wear anything that would make me colder.

I haven't been keeping track of the time like I usually do. I'd say overall so far I've spent roughly 5-6hrs? A lot of it was patterning the petals which I will post progress of once my interfacing arrives... Because apparently sew in interfacing is useless for this kind of job.

19th November 2012: Detail on top I decided I wanted to be neat for a change, so I sewed in the trim at the same time of sewing the two layers together. Cue lots of patience and stabbing myself with pins.

I used the matte side of duchess satin and lined it in cotton.

Trim was bought on eBay. Founded by Stephi (Angel Tear), whom is also being Haruka!

19th November 2012: Back of skirt I don't know why I took a photo, I just put in the invisible zip rather neatly and I was quite proud of that. Still needs to be pressed although nobody will ever witness the neatness because it is hidden by petals.

Ignore colours, I couldn't be arsed to shoot in manual mode so I couldn't change the white balance.

19th November 2012: Top and skirt progress I basically literally started yesterday and so feel the wrath of my last minute cosplay making... Again... Hopefully with less broken machines this time.

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 7th October 2012
AH! I love these outfits, Can't wait to see this <3

Adziu avatar

Adziu - 19th November 2012
Miki! My fourth favourite 765. Wait! Fifth.

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 19th November 2012
YOU CAN DOO EETT last minute cosplay poweerrrr!

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 24th November 2012
This is looking so damn cute and impressive! Dat Petal skirt is really well made ^^ I'm sad I can't see this in person but looking forward to the end result <3

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 11th April 2013
Gurl u so kawaii