Ulquiorra Schiffer

Cosplayer: xPixieSoulx

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st August 2010: Reconstruction I might remake my bone hat considering its damage from traveling to & from London Last May.

18th May 2009: Emo espada completed After the long battle with sewing machines and funky foam I got my first full cosplay costume made. I got some help from my aunt who seamed the black lining inside the coat luckily since the machine started to hate me after a few days. Also had some major help on getting the hakama specially ironing the damned thing.

The "bone helmet" was made entirely from funky foam cut and molded in to various parts, since they were only A6 size I kind had to work around some issues of shapes on the top. I gave it a coat of flexible glue and PVA glue so it could be spray painted then varnished afterwords. It's attachable by using a thin black hairband that is easily hidden by the wig and not noticeable unless really close.

The obi belt from purchased of ebay since I'm lazy like that >>; and as for the boots they were just some old things I had that were modified and had the lines painted on to them.

Odd-One-Out avatar

Odd-One-Out - 18th May 2009
Looking smart~!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 19th May 2009
nicely done ^^