The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Cosplayer: Suri

Variant: Skyloft outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th September 2012: My tights arrived, and fabric bought! My tights arrived! I bought them from a Korean store, because they were just so perfect, and much cheaper then then ones I was going to get. I sprayed them with hairspray last night (It does somethign to the fibres so that they are less likely to rip) and then folded them up and put them back in their bag to keep them safe. I haven't put them on, but they are HUGE. I thought, oh, Asian people are usually smaller then Western people, so I'll buy a big size, just to be safe. I think I bought a L~LL, and it's HUGE.

I also bought the blue and light blue fabric for the little tapestry that goes on Zelda's belt. I'm thinking of adding a small ocket in the back to put my camera in (Just incase I see someone I want a photo with) But I don't know if the weight of it will muck it up or not.

I also bought the fabric for the sailcloth (I think I'm going to print the Goddess mark onto the back with paint) and also some more ribbon.

10th September 2012: Ribbon! So, I spent all weekend sewing ribbon onto my Zelda dress. I bought the dress online, and it's a Dorothy Perkins dress. It's perfect XD I used 10 meters of ribbon, and I still need more. Ribbon looks good, but it is HELL to sew. Lol. I used a machine to sew them, and I kept going wrong and taking back. This is how much I did in two days.

10th September 2012: Harp is finished! I finished making my harp! Alltogether it look me about a week to do. I started planning last Monday, and finished it yesterday. It's so awesome! Lol.

8th September 2012: WIP #4 More WIP pics~

3rd September 2012: WIP #3 More WIP pics~

2nd September 2012: Wip #2 The second steps of my cosplay ^.^

1st September 2012: WIP #1 Starting my cosplay!

Numta avatar

Numta - 10th September 2012
Progress is looking great =]

keep up the good work!

John-luc avatar

John-luc - 17th September 2012
So far its looking awesome! Good luck with it ^^