Alice Liddell
Alice Madness Returns

Cosplayer: indiegeekgirl

Variant: Classic

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th September 2012: Blood, blood, blood! The fake blood is on and I think it really makes the dress, a lot happier with it now.

24th September 2012: Patterns and pinafores Nearly at the finish line! I quickly knocked up a simple pinafore pattern using my dress as a guide. I then cut out my pattern and stitched it all together. I made the pockets and created the design using a black fabric pen. I stitched the pockets onto the pinafore, attached the pinafore to the dress and did some decorative embroidery around the edges. The only thing left to do now is add the fake blood.

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24th September 2012: Skull bow I had already made my skull brooch, so now I just had to make a bow to attach it to. The bow was made out of white cotton and I put some craft wire inside to hold its shape.

19th September 2012: Boots and buckles I got some black boots from eBay and made some buckles from mouse mats and silver spray paint. I used a glue gun to stick some ribbon round the boots and glue on the buckles.

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16th September 2012: Taking up the underskirt I bought an underskirt from eBay but it was loo large and too long, so today I took up the waistband and fitted some new elastic.

11th September 2012: Finished Vorpal Blade I used a couple of red shades of nail polish to make the blood effect on the blade.

I then cut a triangle piece of foam and painted it gold for the handle.

I then glued this to the handle along with some string and used a gold pen to paint the string and draw on the rest of the design.

The finished Vorpal Blade looks like this – i’m chuffed :)

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7th September 2012: Vorpal Blade part 4 The spray painting commences. I stuck the transfer on to the blade one side at a time with prit stick and masked off round the edges.

I then used the silver plasti-cote spray paint to spray over the blade, this dried really quickly.

After removing the template it was done, I also picked any residual glue off the bade.

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4th September 2012: Vorpal Blade part 3 Well while I wait for the blade handle to be well glued before spray painting I decided to move on to the actual blade.

I made the template by getting an image of the real blade and importing it to Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop try Pixlr. I created a new layer and used the pen tool to trace the outline of the design, I used this new layer as my template.

I used some Prit Stick to glue the paper template to some thin plastic, like the plastic sheets you put paper in.

I then cut out the design using a sharp knife.

I will stick this plastic template onto the blade and use silver spray paint to create an etched look (hopefully).

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2nd September 2012: Vorpal Blade part 2 Continuing with my Vorpal Blade I tried to heat the foam with a heat gun, big mistake! It heated up the glue holding it together oops. So I decided to try another tactic. I coated the foam with PVA and water mix and left to dry.

This will give a good coat for the spay paint, but as a friend nicely pointed out the handle is looking a little, well, phallic. So out came the filler.

When this is dry i’ll sand it down before giving it another couple of coats of PVA, then the spray paint will cover nicely fingers crossed.

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28th August 2012: Vorpal Blade part 1 The Vorpal Blade is going to take a little longer than I thought so I'll do this in a few posts. The bade I'm making is an exaggerated oversize version of Alice's Vorpal Blade.

I found a plastic fancy dress pirate knife that had the blade shape I was looking for.

I started by cutting off the skull top on the handle and getting some black foam from an old mouse mat.

I glued this foam around the handle using a hot glue gun.

To make the shaped end of the handle I used some thicker foam and cut out the shape wanted a few times and stuck these together using the glue gun.

I then attached this shape to the end of the handle with more glue.

I am going to use a heat gun to smooth off the shape and the seal with PVA before spray painting black, then adding gold detail. I'll let you know how this goes when I get my hands on a heat gun.

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26th August 2012: Skull brooch Well my love affair with air drying clay continues. To make a skull brooch for the bow at the back of the apron I moulded the clay into a skull shape. I scored the back so the brooch clasps would stick on better.

I then let it dry, this took forever! I waited a few days and then got impatient and put it in the oven on a very low heat for a few minutes to finish it off. I then painted the detail on using black watercolour paint.

I then glued two brooch clasps on the back with superglue.

When the clasps were dry and stuck on solid I coated the brooch with clear varnish and voila!

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18th August 2012: Omega necklace I decided to start by making the Omega (or horseshoe) necklace. I got an old necklace and removed the charm so I had a chain and fitting which I could glue into my new omega charm.

I made the charm out of air drying clay. Once I had created the shape I poked the fitting into the top leaving a small hole to pop the fitting in later.

This took a day or so to dry. Once it was dry I sprayed it with Plasti-kote silver paint. This took about 3 coats to look shiny.

After it was all dry I glued the fixing to the charm using superglue. This is the end result.

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