Street Fighter

Cosplayer: eva_fan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Most Vitual Performace, Armadacon 21 (November 2009)

4th May 2010: Super Street Fighter 4 Promo Toournament Well i was entering a tournament (on the 01/05/2010) to promote the launch of Super Street Fighter 4, and everyone who took pat got a free Guile t-shirt. So this got me thinking wouldn't it be funny if i turned up as Guile, and played as Guile, in order to get a Gile t-shirt. XD

And since the local collectables store was running an event to tie-in with 'Free Comicbook Day', i thought "DO IT!!"

17th March 2009: All Done At Last Well the tattoos arrived in the post today, and they sure look the part.

I've also managed to solve my wig spaying problem.
Rather than trying desperately trying to find blonde hair spray (of any make) i decided to paint it. I was fortunate enough to find a perfect shade of golden-yellow spray on enamel paint. It's turned out really well (i'll try and upload a photo of it in the next day or so).

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Haynes84 - 4th January 2009
Best Guile Ever!!!

Haynes84 avatar

Haynes84 - 4th January 2009
Sonic F*cking Boom!!!

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Anonymous - 5th January 2009

this was awesome! too bad the wig died XD but i have lip gloss LOL

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AmethystEyes - 6th January 2009

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Mothfox - 12th January 2009
Now wheres the sonicboom!

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Defrain - 15th January 2009

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Mothfox - 18th March 2009
awesome wig ^^ just a little tightening and its good to go fighting ^^

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Defrain - 30th March 2009
most epic guile ever

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Sillabub - 1st April 2009
Thanks for the nice comment on Chun Li, and thanks for having me in the group, it was fun :)

You looked great, too :D

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Anonymous - 2nd April 2009
THE Guile lol cudnt be better lol booming epic!

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Defrain - 8th April 2009
guile is just own

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Defrain - 1st October 2009
ypu know what picture yopu need to put up here