Street Fighter

Cosplayer: kitty

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 24th December 2008

kitty avatar

kitty - 24th December 2008
by 'being forced' do you mean you reeeeeally really wanna do him XD

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 24th December 2008
yes lmao yes i do

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 25th December 2008
Awwww awesome! Youll look wicked! Dammit stop making me wanna do SF!

Haynes84 avatar

Haynes84 - 26th December 2008
i can't wait to see huni ^__^

kitty avatar

kitty - 26th December 2008
aww thanks you guys x3

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 21st January 2009
Rose would be an awesome character to do. Personally I have never sen one before. Look foward to seeing it :D

kitty avatar

kitty - 21st January 2009
lol, ive never seen one either :S
i just hope i dont fail x3

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 22nd January 2009
I have faith in u ;) when would u plan to wear this costume?

kitty avatar

kitty - 22nd January 2009
aww cheers ^^
im not entirely sure, was thinking maybe MCM in october... really have no cluse XD

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 8th April 2009
carefull if haynes sees you in this you better pray you can take him out in one shot lol and yes do her for october for thr hudge street fighter group

kitty avatar

kitty - 8th April 2009
hahaha, im gunna try and get it done for then ^^
im pretty sure i can kick butt too!

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 24th June 2009
The wig looks beautiful. Its a lovely tone of purple and you've styled it very well :)

kitty avatar

kitty - 24th June 2009
Thanks ^^
still got lots more to do to it. just waiting on ebay to selnd my stuff :)

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 31st July 2009
this is looking brilliant XD

Adziu avatar

Adziu - 20th August 2009
Craaazy but excellent wig!

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 20th August 2009
This looked awesome. I was the other Rose on the Saturday. The world needs more Rose dammit! Anyway..good job! :D

timpey avatar

timpey - 22nd March 2012
Amazin rose don't see many people cosplayin her, like the wig :-)