Naruto Shippuden

Cosplayer: Fizzykat

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd May 2009: COMPLETE! yay!! i finished it yesterday!! my boots ended up being covers so that i didnt have to ruin my high heels. the leg part is seperate with buttons up the back. overall i am very pleased with it and i cant wait till the expo tomorrow i hope its a lovely day! sorry no pics, the camera has no battery power.

16th May 2009: back view 90% complete, back view

16th May 2009: side view 90% complete side view

16th May 2009: 90% complete i accidently bought the zipper for sakura's top 5cm too big!!! so here's some pics 90% complete. just need to get a new zip, make boots and make shorts!

16th May 2009: top 2 - back and circle i've cut the back piece out. the circle is drawn on satin with fray stopper and then cut out.

16th May 2009: top 1 cutting out my nice soft red fabric for sakura's top! i learnt something new!! Darting!!! the left side has been cut ready to be darted, the right side is pinned to be darted. it makes the top more fitted.

9th May 2009: skirt complete (almost) here is the skirt finished. i still need to add the small belt detail on the side but i need to make the rings first. done yay!!

9th May 2009: buttons! skirt 3 i decided that the best way to hold the skirt together was 2 buttons. the skirt is like a wrap around.

9th May 2009: skirt 2 next i spaced out the pieces and pinned it together to make sure it was right. i also hemmed the skirt and waistband

9th May 2009: sakura skirt i decided to use pink cord for the skirt and armbands. i am making it up as i go along. ive started by cutting out a waistband and the shape of the skirt pieces.

3rd May 2009: contacts and makeup my aqua contacts! and pink eyebrows :s

2nd May 2009: wig i still need to style the fringe. its a perfect colour though! i now have aqua contacts too

Samstar1990 avatar

Samstar1990 - 1st October 2009
were you the skit with the cheerleading and the pom poms?

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 2nd October 2009
yep that was us! ^_^; crazy crazy