Anthy Himemiya
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Cosplayer: Thirteenthesia

Variant: Rose Bride

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 6th February 2009
WOW look at that skirt o_o

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 6th February 2009
Out of interest, hoop skirts? or just masses of tulle?!
looks v.purdy btw!

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 6th February 2009
It is one fairly big hoop petti-skirt thingy (underneath the actual skirt). :)

Thanks :)

kitty avatar

kitty - 1st March 2009
wow, your dress is amazing so far!!
it looks so poofy and cute <3
cant wait to see this xx

Toshi-chan avatar

Toshi-chan - 1st March 2009
WOW! 0.o

this looks amazing!!!

the jackety thing looks so perfectly fitted as well! its sooo purty!


Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 1st March 2009
Heee, thankyou very much :)

I'm not going to be able to walk through doors without assistance though XD (I think driving might also be out of the question ...xD)

Uni avatar

Uni - 2nd March 2009
WOW! indeed! Such a beautiful dress! nice work~

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 2nd March 2009
:) Thankyou.

UnaSpi avatar

UnaSpi - 4th March 2009
Awesome progress so far! :D

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 4th March 2009

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 4th March 2009
Wow!! That dress is beautiful and amazing! I am so impressed!

Sillabub avatar

Sillabub - 4th March 2009
Oh, wow! That's stunning! Nicely done! :D

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 4th March 2009

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 7th March 2009
It seems to be looking really good!
I love the skirt :D

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 7th March 2009
Thankyou : )

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 1st April 2009
HOOOOO- Weeeee. *_* It looks so gorgeous! Though how the heck we're going to get you out of the hotel room I really dont know!! :P

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 1st April 2009
Eeeeeee cant wait to see this!

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 1st April 2009
XDDD Those hotel rooms are going to be hellllllll!
I can't wait to wear the thing >.<

angel aiko avatar

angel aiko - 21st April 2009
this an amazing costume : D

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 21st April 2009
Aww, thankyou :)

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 26th April 2009
From above, we can play twister! XD

I really liked this rose bride cosplay, surprised you didn't take more people out with that big poofy dress of yours XD

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 26th April 2009
Heee, I know, it was huge >.<. I ended up putting my foot right through the underskirt and ripping at one point as well, but overall, I don't think I left a swathe of dead and damaged cosplayers in my wake! xD
Thankyou :)

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 14th November 2009
AMAZING! O___________O

WhaleInTheSky avatar

WhaleInTheSky - 17th December 2009
I lovelovelove your Anthy cosplay <3

FrankieEstee avatar

FrankieEstee - 17th December 2009
Amazing Athy cosplay! You look fantastic as her 8DD

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 28th December 2009
Awww, thank you!!

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 3rd May 2010
Oh this is absolutely lovely! :D

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 6th May 2010

JaeXD avatar

JaeXD - 26th July 2011
An Anthy, hard to find and done well.

I'm planning on doing an Akio. I'd be more inclined to finish it faster should I find a red car.

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 27th July 2011
Thankyou! I like hiding in this corner of CI...
You definitely need to get a red car, one that drives itself. And a suddenly open shirt.

JaeXD avatar

JaeXD - 27th July 2011
And a touga to act all sensual with.

And an anthy to be a-... Big brotherly to >_>...... <_<......

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 28th July 2011
My arse, big brotherly xD. No painting naked pictures of me either!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 4th November 2011
Wow i love this cosplay you've done as well as the raven and ciel one, Great work :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 17th December 2011
Bloody Brilliant job!! xxx

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 20th December 2011
Awwww, thanks!