Avengers Assemble

Cosplayer: princesircastic

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th October 2012: Almost there! So I've just spent a day doing all the finishing touches to the cosplay. The shoulder armour is almost completely attached and ready to go, the belt is done, and there are just a few small pieces I need to finish - and then LOKI IS DONE. I have spent so long on this costume, I've bled for it, and I'm so relieved that he's almost ready to go.

No photos this time, as I promised myself no more photos until I have the finished thing.

8th October 2012: Trousers almost finished! I ran out of studs but I only need 33 more to finish off the trousers. I have more on their way so hopefully they should be done very soon. Finally.

8th October 2012: Armour done! Finished off the armour a few days ago. Not attached to the costume yet since half of it is in France right now, but I'll get some photos soon.

26th September 2012: Armour progress begins Started work on the armour pieces - starting with the bracers. They're made from a thick, sturdy cardboard tube, pvc which was then 'dusted' with gold paint. I added the markings on with a marker pen instead of trying to do anything fancy because these are just the first attempt, and I'll eventually make better ones as I improve the costume as a whole. I'll be moving on to the shoulder armour next, I think.

26th September 2012: Progress on trousers Managed to get one leg of the trousers done. I decided to make it much simpler this time round due to time and money worries. 290 studs were used, and I'll be working on the other leg soon.

8th September 2012: Boot covers done! These were possibly the easiest thing to make so far... XD
They're nothing special, just fabric and elastic, and I'm going to add snap-fastenings/press-studs/poppers/whatever you want to call them to the top of them and onto the trousers so they stand up completely straight, since they're not strengthened enough to do so on their own.

5th September 2012: Metal progress. So I started adding the metal studs to the tunic today - discovered 300 wasn't quite enough so I'm gonna have to buy more, but I got most of it done so I'm pretty pleased with that. Just gotta finish that off, add some detail to the sleeves, and the armoured piece across the collarbone, and then the tunic is done. Oh - and the belt buckle etc, but I consider that mostly to do with the coat.
Hopefully I'll get this done within another week or so, and then I can work on the trousers and boots.

3rd September 2012: Almost finished! With the coat and the tunic, I mean.
The coat is pretty much done - I need to add the gold stripes across the bottom of each split of the coat, and make the belt/shoulder armour and the armour for the forearms, too.
The tunic is finished save for the gold armour piece around the chest, and the metal studs (which I have ordered, but haven't arrived yet).

I'll be moving on to the armour, belt, trousers and boots next. Then I get to work on my props. XD

27th August 2012: Almost finished the tunic I finished off the sleeves and pieced together the tunic. All I have left to do for the tunic is some gold edging and the gold armour across the collarbone, and add the buckle for the belt.
Coat remains the same as we cannot attach the shoulder pieces just yet. I'll start on the armour pieces next week.

26th August 2012: Tunic started As we need to get some extra stuff for the coat, we started on the tunic today. I managed to get the interlocking stripes on the front of the tunic done, as well as some on one sleeve. I'll be working on the other sleeve tomorrow, and then work some more on the tunic.

25th August 2012: Green lining & splits done! I'm almost finished with the coat, now. We decided against putting a high collar on it since there's already one for the tunic and too much on my neck makes me uncomfortable, and is therefore not fun. XD Just need to add the gold and the shoulder pieces and it'll be done.

24th August 2012: Coat started. Started work today - made the pattern pieces (from scratch) and cut out all the fabric. Only managed to get the shoulder and side seams of the coat done, but I hope to get more done tomorrow.

20th August 2012: Fabric bought! Just spent £138 on the fabric for this costume, so it's definitely in progress now! I decided against attempting to work with leather this time round, as it'll be my first attempt and I don't want to ruin it (plus I can't afford to) so I've gone with a simple black cotton instead. This way, once I have the pattern and the experience of making the coat/tunic, I can move on to leather quite successfully. (I hope)
I'll be adding more progress as I go along.

Om_nom_nom avatar

Om_nom_nom - 21st May 2012
So much yes!
Cannot wait to see this!

whamm avatar

whamm - 21st May 2012
OMG :3 Goodluck!

princesircastic avatar

princesircastic - 21st May 2012
@Om_nom_nom - I just had to. I've wanted to cosplay him since Thor but this outfit just got me wanting to do it all the more. Probably won't be until next year though.

@whamm - Thank you! I'm going to need it >_>

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 15th March 2013
You make a brilliant Loki! I love that you used studs for the armour, it looks like it has a really great effect. :]

princesircastic avatar

princesircastic - 15th March 2013
It might look good, but it absolutely KILLED my fingers to add them. XD Thank you!