final fantasy 7

Cosplayer: JakeX

Variant: Modified

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

9th January 2009: FUR!!! Well the sample came through and it is red :


anyway now that i have the right fur ordering it and should be a few weeks and i can start on the main body :D

5th December 2008: Tis the Season Tis the season to be.............Screw it xD

Anyway update on the cosplay, i have asked Arkayen if she could send some fur samples for RedXIII because the supply in bournemouth is just horrid..... xDD

So thats going to take some time and yah, then i can start work on the head when ive picked the right fur xDD

24th November 2008: Beginning.... Well this morning i got up and had a piece of toast...Then i brushed my teeth xD
Then i got bored around 8PM and started to work on RedXIII

There was some left over cardboard from the packages my family has ordered from amazon for Xmas presents so i stole that and started to manufacture a head for RedXIII..........Though......i have no fur..........But thats not important right now. As long as i get the shape right and what im aiming for to look ok :D sure will be ok...............

Embarrasing photo of doom now

16th November 2008: Worse drawing EVER + Costume plan Firstly F*CK.........Reference pic that i put up well........i forgot to set it as reference.....

Anyway, how the costume is going to work (with the worse drawing ever)
The plan is not for me to be in one big Furry suit.
Its going to well.......imagine i skinned red13 and was wearing his fur on my back plus it covering the outsides of my arms and legs....
In the picture there is black shaded-ness that is going to be bare skin that will have orange body paint.
And for the head it will be attached to the fur, but will be cut off for the bottom half of the jaw to make room for my own.

Everyone has one of those creative cosplays...might as well give it a shot xD


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Ikkaku-kun - 16th November 2008

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 16th November 2008
...What? No seriously, what? XD

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Anonymous - 16th November 2008
... I don't get it o.o Why would you want to look like you'd skinned a character?

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ryaoki - 16th November 2008
use your imagination people its not full furry but its like an alternate version like the indians wore bear skin over themselves with the head as a hat on them, this is basically the creative idea jakes trying to accomplish, its very creative me being an art student would no however the drawing does make me lol

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Mungojerrie - 16th November 2008
Excuse me, but I'm an art student myself (and know for a fact I've done a higher level art course than you have, Reiss!). I appreciate that Jake is trying to bring his own twist to the character, but the fact is this makes absolutely no sense to me. Really, I'm trying to put this in perspective, I'm trying to apply this to other characters... Surely this is like sticking a couple of bits of blue fur here and there and saying you're Sonic the Hedgehog or something?

I'm in no way trying to attempt to put Jake off his plan, by all means go for it, but I'm just struggling in grasping the concept. Surely if he's going to go out and buy fur, why not just go all the way and make the full fur suit? Sure, I'm interested in seeing how this turns out in the end, but a little more development on his original idea would be very helpful.

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JakeX - 16th November 2008

The reason for not doing the Fur suit idea (has considered it) is that i just think it honestly looks to cheesey and i want to try and explore more ways of making cosplays, thats why i want to do this character in my own design which quite alot of people are having trouble grasping xD
well guess what i have issues expressing myself when writing and drawing xDD so barely ne one would get the idea xDD Only a few if i actually started talking to them properly about it.

*Statement* Not arguing just pointing out what im trying to say and what barriers there are for people not getting the idea xD

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White Leviathan - 16th November 2008
Freya it's not for you to grasp the concept.... people should cosplay whatever they like, so if you have nothing nice to say then why not keep your bad comments to yourself huh?

You don't ned to have studied art to understand it... Reiss's point is just as valid as yours.

Looks interesting Jake have fun with that!

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ryaoki - 16th November 2008
thanks bro, and freya im not bragging about my artistic ness im jsut saying i understand his concept from a art students point of view, maybe you cant visualise what hes trying to get at because maybe you havent a great enough imagination. go on jake prove them itll be awsome

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Sands - 16th November 2008
I think this sounds like an interesting idea, seems almost tribal?

(Neither of you are art students you are students!)

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Anonymous - 16th November 2008
Wow, this has turned into a big drama XD

It's not really like it's just Freya who hasn't 'grasped the concept'. It just doesn't seem to make much sense and I don't honestly think it would work. Freya was trying to give an opinion on the concept and I don't see why everyone's getting in a big huff about it really XD If you can prove us all wrong then go ahead, but in the mean time just calm down, children. It's just cosplay!

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Mungojerrie - 16th November 2008
Guys... I was expressing an opinion, no need to get so worked up about it. As I already said, I wasn't trying to put Jake off his original idea. And as Crazedteensie said, I wasn't the only one who found it confusing!

Come on, we're geeks dressing up as imaginary characters, is there really a need to create drama over something as trivial as this? Oh and Reiss, there was no need to insult my imagination, thanks.

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Reve - 18th November 2008
haha jake youve caused a debate!lol!i love this idea!it sorts of reminds me of the costumes from the musical cats you know bits of fur placed in certain places and just bare skin and body paint in others and those outfits were amazing!cant wait to see progress!better not ignore me when you wear this one mr!lol!oh and since i didnt get the chance to say goodbye on msn cause i was reading your mini drama bye bye!

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stripey_dani - 20th November 2008
Its not that hard to understand guys... Its like a Warriors cape I supposed, like wearing a rug! xD


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BlusterSquall - 20th November 2008
@Reve: The characters in cats wore leotards. The only parts of their skin that were visible were hands and faces. But I get what you mean (not having a go. Just used to watch that musical at least once a day when I was a kid).

I think this is an interesting idea. Its certainly divided the room. But I think executed well it'll look really good. Its got a tribal feel to it: and Nanaki is part of a tribe at the end of the day so it suits.

Good luck. :]

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Anonymous - 20th November 2008
i can't see how people are missing the point, its an interesting twist on the character, i agree it sounds very tribal sounds very intriguing
its better than being a furry... >_>>>

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Anonymous - 20th November 2008
Omg sound REALLY COOL.
cant wait to see photos
^ . ^

thankies for the comment on cloud ^.^

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Anonymous - 24th November 2008
loving the head! coming into shape quite well :) looking forward to seeig it finished:D

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SephNoir - 24th November 2008
I really like the idea of this! It's something I've not seen done before in terms of fursuiting. Really hope it turns out well! Plus you can use him as a wall hanging or rug when you're not wearing it!

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Bunni - 24th November 2008
This is going to look great! Loving the head progress!!!

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Anonymous - 24th November 2008
nice idea jake ithought you would go for the full body suit native amircan shaman idea nice twist would like to see a full fury body red 13 thought

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AmethystEyes - 11th January 2009
Haha I love the skinned animal description, you barbarian! This will be great to see :D

HystericalDame avatar

HystericalDame - 22nd January 2009
The head's coming along amazingly! =D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 22nd January 2009
Sounds intriging and I love the fact its provoke much debate. I can't wait to see how it progresses. It will be interesting to see how the idea will work. I like it.

The head is looking great.

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Berserk667 - 26th January 2009
Lol nice one Jake looks like u are on to another winner here mate. Think people need to stop saying wots wot and just let the man show u at aya con. Best of luck

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Captain_Marvelous - 13th February 2009
aww dude furries are always good for a chuckle ^^ couldnt have picked a better character either :) good luck!

KamikazePenguin avatar

KamikazePenguin - 15th February 2009
This is looking great so far. (:
Specially the eye.
Amazing work! ^___^
Good luck with the rest. :D

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 16th February 2009
God it looks great so far :D
I can't wait to see this finished!!!

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 6th August 2009
I too 'was' an art student, my tutors would of loved a twist like this, very creative :)

I look forward to seeing some more progress, definatly a tribal feel to it thats for sure, as Red himself is tribey hehe :)

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 21st August 2009
Heheh, after all that searching, you found the fur then? :P

Looking good Jake, it's gonna be awesome. Also, the way you're doing it means you won't be mistaken for some random furry ¬¬

Looking forward to it ^_^

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Zedela - 9th September 2009
8D It looks epic so far*

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 10th September 2009
u really are working hard on this and it looks great so far! i don't know where u find all ur time hehe :D cant wait to see the finished result! :D