Garo ( Makai senki/ Beast of the midnight sun film)

Cosplayer: kitsune

Variant: Knight/ armor form

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th November 2012: last entry The costume is now done ( the thigh pieces aren't in the picture since they are still drying and the knee covers are just balancing on the boots). I might touch up parts with paint since I did rush a bit to paint it all in time since I usually have it all done a month in advance in case anything goes wrong.

The fun part is getting it all on at hyper japan, you see I always plan getting it on ahead of time but I have just realised how tight parts are and that it can be hard to move the more I put on. So if anyone sees me flailing around trying to parts on don't worry I'm not going mad just might need someones help.

5th November 2012: painting..almost time to finish Running out of time for once (usually I would have a costume done by now but this has been a big project).

All that is left to do is paint it all which is always the longest for me to do...good thing is I have spray painted all of the bits with a layer or two of white paint to save me having to paint layer and layer of acrylic paint by hand.

over all its shaping up nicely.

28th September 2012: more leg work doing details on the boots ( only one so far will start the next one as soon as this one is done) painting is slow and I have now realized that it would be better to get a can of spray paint to move things along quicker...
things left to do:
boots, one glove, spear pole, painting leg pieces, wrist pieces, knee covers, small bits on the chest and paint anything missing.

Picture is of one leg so far minus the details on the boots still to be glued on.

29th August 2012: slow work I've say done my hips in so can only work on bits that don't require me to try them on but it's works well. Spear head is made and half painted just need to paint on the last details on it before i re-make the handle in the middle.

Thigh armor is also coming together which is being difficult since I made one to small and had to re make it after I had glued the other together and couldn't use it as a template for the other.

For now no moving around to much or I'll damage my hips even more.... ಥ_ಥ

15th August 2012: try on test.. testing and I realize that I will need to squash down my chest a bit to make it fit better on the day but that's fine.
The circles are to mark parts that need to be edited more, SO:
Purple: I need to sand down the mask since I added foam to hide mistake made on the face, so a layer of paint will be needed as well.
Light pink: belt is all made up but it needs to be painted the right colors.
Dark pink: started on the spear head ( the other half of the poll is missing in the image so it will be longer) the foam base along with some wood to stabilize it.
Blue: the last small diamond shaped bits need to be added to the back so it matches the front.

over all it looks fabulous so far. ( and I edited out my feet because they are really bad)

30th May 2012: I have no idea what I'm doing... started the arm piece now before I do to much work on the body but almost done the main body piece. I don't have much to say progress wise just thought I should post up a picture so far just so people can see.

22nd May 2012: back to work I have no idea why I keep panicking over this when I have months to do it but I just have to get the main bits done or it will kill me knowing how much I really have to do!

But I have finally found a decent glue for the foam I'm using it takes longer to dry then super glue but it works really well so the shoulders are coming along nicely.

Pictures of the front and back body piece and the start of the belt part ( the coloured parts on the belt are just bases so I can see what goes where) I'm really pleased with with it so far since its finally taking shape but now I have the capes as well coming along and I have forgotten how nerve racking it is to paint detail onto fabric when the TV is on in the back ground..

also ignore the slightly crooked should piece on the left that's not suppose to look like that..

9th May 2012: Not good... OK I'm still working to slowly mainly because I have no decent glue and the magnet idea failed miserably but other then that its still moving along and will now use Velcro to connect the pieces together.

The shoulder pads are coming along I made smaller circle pads underneath the main ones even though the just disappear under then main parts so far I need to get the under garments together and the red cloak pieces since I am now running out of time...

4th May 2012: working FASTER So hyper japan has be announced for November of this year, TIME TO WORK FAST!

the front of the chest is done, will buy myself some magnet strips for the sides so they can be secured on easier. Started work on the shoulder pads now since they seem hard and I can't do the belt until I have the magnet strips.

24th April 2012: All together so far shot Just to show how far along I am.

The front of the chest has been base painted before I continue to do the neck, back and shoulder pieces. The helm is mostly done just need to complete the back panel and finish the details on the side of the ears.

To add the polearm/staff is starting to come together the body is hollow plastic and the foam center is a cover that moves to hide the joint where the pole can be pulled apart to make two pieces. the bottom silver piece is also plastic and hollow and will be a base for me to add details onto.

12th April 2012: EDIT...new idea So after a long think I decided to just say what the hell and make the whole armor set ( even though I'm the wrong build and will have to make a body suit to make up for it and to make me look more manly in size).

To start I'm now doing the chest piece first so I can work from that and make the rest that will secure to it. The helm is on hold until the weather is a bit nicer since I have to use isopon out side.

picture is the chest piece base that needs a better paint job really before it looks any better.

29th March 2012: Almost there wooo... Putting the details on now just before the isopon is added on the main parts so I can smooth it all over.

I am so happy looking at it...I have never felt this proud over a helm ever.

23rd March 2012: playing around with details So I could see where I need to add details ( and also what parts will be painted silver) I got a bit bored and drew on where it would all go. It actually helps since I now know ( to some degree) what it may look like with all of the details attached. Now I need to add the one missing spike on the side which I keep forgetting and cover it in bondo/paste to make it solid and smooth.

21st March 2012: Back work doing the back of the helm at the moment ( managed to get brilliant images of the helm in the recent episode of Garo "go TSUBASA!") the back will be once piece but also realized that I might have to add detail at the end by layering on foam pieces.

I have no idea how this will work...

12th March 2012: paint job Just painted the ears now that they have the general shape I want so I can then layer on the details .Still need to do the side spikes and connect them to the sides of the helm.

Once that's done LAYER ON THE DETAILS!!

8th March 2012: Ears to be covered Done the inside part of the ears now and juts have to flesh out the out side since it has a slight round edge around it. Once again ran out of equipment (masking tape this time) so will papermache the ears then have to buy more tape.

still not sure what to use to coat it in the end? I wonder what UK equivalent of Bondo is?

2nd March 2012: first time looking good. This is my first time making any sort of helmet and I'm sadly doing it the really cheap route since I would make far to many mistakes doing it the professional way and molding the helmet from a clay base ( but also I don't really know the exact step by step to make it any other way but this way). The base is make of card and is built up with foam to get some of the details in and papermashe and some paper tape to make it more solid ( and to hold things in place when its drying). Once its all solid and the right shape I'll cover it in lots of layers of bondo ( or any other substance I can find to make it super solid) and remove the inside card and paper base.

I just hope it all works thought.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 2nd March 2012
GARO!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Cannot wait to see this!

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 3rd March 2012
Thank you! It will take time but I hope to get most of it looking good soon.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 21st April 2012
Looking forward to this one being finished! great progress so far!

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 29th August 2012
This is really impressive looking so far :) I'm sure I remember this strange film, so it's really cool to see someone cosplaying from it ^_^