Cosplayer: Ros3ify

Variant: Artwork

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

J Con 2012

27th November 2012: Chii costume Costume picture

27th August 2012: Contact Lenses Hello so I have some contact lenses for chii even though my eyes are brown too I really wanted them to stand out. So I bought a pair of GEO Angel Brown type 2 contact lenses. They really really are nice :) and are very comfortable :D

6th August 2012: Outfit Arrived My outfit arrived and I tried it on and realised I needed an underskirt and thanks to a great friend I have one :D!! woooo.. And it fit perfectly. Haha :D Yes So nearly there. Getting my shoes next week ^^ and then its completed.

now just to wait for the J-con in 39 days :)

13th July 2012: Outfit So I have ordered the dress, neck chocker, ears and I have the socks

I have been thinking about the shoes I could wear and wondering if these would be ok for the outfit for chii

Just some plain white ones with a little bow :)

9th July 2012: Decided After much deliberation I have decided to go as chii :) haha as my friend is going as Lightning :D

Wooo Im so excited ^^

Shes super cute and I hope I can pull it off :3

21st May 2012: Debate So im debating on going as Chii or Shana Haha I may save chii for the london expo ^^ as I dont think the costume will be finished in time unfortunately :(

28th March 2012: Wig Wig all bought done and dusted. God its so cute and didnt cost too much either :)

2nd March 2012: Planning Okie so I have planned Chii for the J-con AHHHH im so excited ^.^ and to top it off I selected this costume!!! tehehe its so cute <3 i have been debating about the character i wanted to do but this is perfect and hopefully I can stand out :)

Millomoi avatar

Millomoi - 22nd March 2012
Oh gosh, this will be so adorable! >w<

I can't wait to see you at JCON with Chobits-fangirly glomps at the ready. XDD

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 28th March 2012
Haha Thankies its my first time going to the J-con I will also be performing a skit too aswell so i will have to come out my cosplay for a short time :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 7th May 2012
aw the dress is gorgeous! Can't wait to see you at the con :3

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 9th May 2012
Haha Thanks :)

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 4th July 2012
Best wishes for your skit at J-con ^_^ and hope to see you at Oct Expo.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 4th July 2012
I have a few bits and bobs from cosplayfu myself they do good work! look forward to seeing this ^^

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 6th July 2012
I will be at the J-con and the October expo :)cant wait to see you perform again. And yes cosplay fu are quite good ive had a few outfits from them and they haven't let me down yet

shadowsora avatar

shadowsora - 28th July 2012
oh my, this will be so cute.
can't wait to see you there :3

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 29th July 2012
haha Thanks. Im really excited for the J-con. I may put photos up of this costumer by the end of next month :) as my outfit has nearly arrived :)

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 4th August 2012
This design is so cute :) Look forward to seeing this ^^

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 5th August 2012
Thanks haha :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th August 2012
Cant wait to see you in this at J-con! We need to get a pic together ^_^

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 29th August 2012
Yes please do I am taking my own camera aswell so I will be happy to have photos taken haha ^^

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 6th March 2013
So cute!! Loving all the frills! X3