Yuki Cross
Vampire Knight

Cosplayer: Moonchild

Variant: Day Class Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

21st May 2009: Artemis & cosplay is now finished XD 21/5/09 YAY Its now offically all finished XD

I spent majority of yesterday finishing of bits of the jacket and sewing on the buttons and studs (oh what fun xD) & I have to say i'm very pleased with how its all turned out ^^

As for the Artemis I got a wooden curtain pole (Its nearly 6ft) from Wilkinsons on Tuesday and my dad has kindly spray-painted it silver and today using some thread, wrapped several pieces round to create the 'raised bits' Its not as good as it could be but thats purely because I don't have enough time now~ But I'm still happy with it ^^

Expo is now less than 48 hours away *squee!* ^^ and im so happy to have it all finished! Can't wait! Look out for me and my group on the sunday and also sunday's masquerade! XDD

15th May 2009: Nearly There ^_^ Skirt is offically complete ^_^ & looks good...doesn't look that great on me due to my shape >_< BUT i'm trying to not let it get to me too much.

The jacket is comming along really nicely ^_^ I hemmed the bottom today as well as making the side-pleats and sewing them down. Also pinned the zip in place so just needs to be sewn down. Had to alter the front of the collar slightly but looks loads better now and also managed to sew on the cuffs ^_^ The ribbon is so far done on the collar and cuffs so basically need to finish all the ribbon.

I decided in the end to use 'wonder web' or hemming web to attach the ribbon and it looks really good I think =) After the ribbon I just need to spray-paint the buttons and sew them along with the studs. I'm also now making the tie/bow as I managed to get some dark red ribbon for it ^_^

Last thing I need to do is the Artemis...which all depends on if we are still doing the masquerade >_< I know its only a week to go now till expo but trust me it will be done by thursday XDD

Oh and the necklace also arrived a few days ago ^^

6th May 2009: Skirt & Ribbon progress~ 6/5/09 Skirt is now complete with the exception of the zip which I still need to get ^^ and then just needs to be ironed.

I also started work on the cuffs today~ after many hours of trying to pin the ribbon on I started to machine sew it on..however the machine doesnt seem to like it one bit >_< I then tried hand-sewing but it was still making the ribbon look really holey so im thinking now of getting some fabric glue.

I'd rather sew it because its more secure that way but I don't like it being so holey >_< I think its just where the ribbon is so thin~ So anywho gona go buy some fabric glue tomorrow hopefully and will then get right back onto the cuffs and then the jacket. I'm hoping as well if I use glue it should make it a lot quicker ^^

22nd April 2009: Wig & Updates =) 22/04/09 The wig is now finished and looks awesome! ^_^ I can't wait to recieve it and try it on =) Once it arrives I'll try it on and take some pictures but for now this one will do ^^

The skirt is now almost complete, I just need to iron down the pleats, add the waistband and zip and also cut it shorter I think. As for the jacket my nan found out that the pattern we are using has it made up of bits for some reason :S SO basically instead of the main body being all one piece its in several if that makes any sense LOL BUTT its still going good =) The top part (minus the collar) and sleeves are now done~ Not too sure if its still going to be lined also as for some reason again the pattern doesnt tell you how to line it :S Anywho ^^ Hopefully the jacket shall be finished over the next week so I can go buy some ribbon to finish it off ^^

Also found the almost perfect socks for a £1~ I say almost perfect, well thier perfect in the length (Thigh-high) and in the fact they don't seem to want to roll down my legs but thier not plain black and have this like 'pinstripe' look to them ¬¬ so im still not sure what I will be doing socks-wise :S

23rd March 2009: Boots! ^_^ YAY im so happy to have some boots for yuki!! ahhh
Well I saw these in Primark last Saturday in Basingstoke but they didn&#039;t have my size so I was really really annoyed but my mum took me to my more local Primark today and they had loads! XDD

I thought they looked a little bit chunky when I first tried them on but after trying them with some black socks and a random skirt lol they look loads better =) and such a steal for only £8!! Good old Primark =)

16th March 2009: Fabric is bought! XD Went to Fabric land today after getting some help from my Nan ^_^
Bought fabric for both the jacket and skirt~
I couldn't find any twill so decided to go for some 'suiting' fabric in black. Also got some black silk lining and interfacing for the Jacket as well as a pattern for it

Shall hopefully be starting work on the skirt sometime this week XD

Sweeturk avatar

Sweeturk - 15th January 2009

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 22nd April 2009
Really looking forward to seeing this ^-^

CosplayChris-San avatar

CosplayChris-San - 22nd April 2009
Me too, will look awesome with our vampire knight group, we will rock! ^_^

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 22nd April 2009
Socks- You can get plain black knee-high socks easily. If you have a Pairs or general sock shop near you they're bound to have them. Almost certain Peacocks sell them also if not EBAY! XD I love knee-highs lol Sock glue is awesome also as I find knee-highs stay up if you're still but the moment you start walking about they start to inch their way down... ^^;

HystericalDame avatar

HystericalDame - 29th April 2009
Do we possibly have the same brown Primark boots? xD

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 6th May 2009
Erm well I got them from Primark so ^^

CosplayChris-San avatar

CosplayChris-San - 21st May 2009
YAY its completed!! Can't wait for the masquerade! ^_^

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 21st May 2009
Fantastic blazer! I love Artemis too! 8D
Definitely look out for you at expo, you'll make a awesome Yuki!

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 21st May 2009
@Special-Pleb: Thanks so much! XD Means a LOT to me!
I shall look out for you too ^^