Princess Mononoke

Cosplayer: BluePanda

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th August 2012: mask As the 1st mask i made was way to flat to wear on my face i made another one for toko, it was the half mask that San wears during the fight/war at the end of the film. Also last minute i decided to doing the bloody face + hands san for the masquerade, but shall do normal photos when i get chance. Also the half mask broke while trying to transport it home :/
so to make mask mark 3 XD

7th June 2012: spear and necklace The necklace teeth pieces i made previously looked to square and chunky so i decided to try again, and made some new ones which are the right shape, also i have the cording im going to string the necklace together with. :)

Decided on doing the spear instead of the knife, made the spear head as shown in the photo, still got to buy the pole to attach it to and obviously all things need painting. Shall work with the fur possibly tomorrow.

21st May 2012: Progress + 2nd Make up test! MAKE UP:
Re-did my make up as wanted something more...Wild. Made my eyes bolder, so they stand out just as the red triangles do.

Made the apron today, so proud of this cosplay and how well each peice fits together. Glued the jems to elastics so they can rest on my arms and forhead. Still need to get some more clay to make knife, earings and rest of the necklace :)

20th May 2012: Painted mask (Photo taken with flash, the red is actually deep red)
Also painted the jems but as i have no white paint cant finish them or paint the necklace bones :/

20th May 2012: MORE Fabric I now have all the fabric to finish the dress and cape, still need to get a little more fabric to make shoe covers.
-White fur for cape and hood
-Red craft foam for base of ears (ears are on the fur hood, concidering covering the craft foam with red felt to add a more natural texture.)
-White cotton fabric for the apron

20th May 2012: Dress (re-cut) *DRESS NEEDS IRONING!*
Originaly i cut sort of strips and pulled at them on the bottom of the dress, [Check journals for image] but then i realised it looked more like a halloween dress, so i cut the stragly bits off.

20th May 2012: Mask-Necklace-Jems Made these all last night took about 4-5 hours, so pleased with the mask, just got to paint them now. Also ran out of clay as i still have the earings and dagger to make. So Much Progress!! (at last)

16th April 2012: Fabric box save: Again Found some white fabric that will be perfect for my apron :3
So going to start working on on this cosplay again within this week

26th February 2012: yeah dress done, tho turns out i dont have enuff fabric for her apron so cant do much more till next week :/

25th February 2012: dress I got the fabric today, started makeing the dress, so happy I decided to cosplay as san. Shes a character who has strong will power and shes not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Just hope I dont destroy her image when cosplaying her.

24th February 2012: Make up test Done a make up test, used eye shadow for the face markings, thinking about face paint. Not perfect triangles but need to pratice. The ribbon in my hair is not part of the cosplay just wanted to get a feel for the character and weather or not i would suit her :D

23rd February 2012: So soon :P I found some fabric for the apron lieing around my room :3
Starting it tomorrow as ran out of time tonight as i ended up working more on my pokemon cosplay ;P

I really love this film and have a perfect photo location already in mind CANT WAIT :D

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 24th February 2012
looking good!

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 2nd March 2012
It's goin on really well hun x

Karakulz avatar

Karakulz - 20th May 2012
This looks Great so far!

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 20th May 2012
looking good cant wait to see this finish

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 7th June 2012
It all looks awesome hun x

Numta avatar

Numta - 8th June 2012
looking awesome =]

can't wait to see it finished!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 27th May 2013
Nice costume :) <3