Momoko Akatsutsumi (Hyper Blossom)
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Cosplayer: LittlePidgey4

Variant: 2nd Casual Outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th May 2011: Wig Finished Got toupee clips, then had to figure out how they worked. I think I need to sew them to the wig. But I tried the wig on and found it didn't feel too heavy anyway. Used bobby pins to secure hair behind my ears. Found that if I hang ponytail over my shoulder then that takes some of the pressure off. I also think my glasses help anchor it down too. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the wig staying on now.

23rd April 2011: Wig Progress Styled the bangs using cheap hair spray and hot blasts from a hairdryer. Both sides done after wrecking one side with glue twice. So that had to be cut off but there was still enough to make another bang out of. The back was trimmed and so was the ponytail so it was slightly shorter. Also got the bow secured using a small hair slide.

So now it looks great and everything but I need to get a couple tools to keep the wig secured to my head, as the ponytail is very heavy.

17th April 2011: Wig Started Sorting out the main body of hair first. Trimmed the fringe while wearing it; the wig head has a smaller forehead than I do. The bangs have also been prepared for sorting out by using masking tape to indicate where the bangs will start and how much hair to use.

17th April 2011: Bow Finished Made a bow/butterfly shape out of steel 20 gauge wire, then I used that to roughly trace out the shape onto red fabric. Two of these shapes were cut out and sewn together. Then they were turned inside-out, and the wire was put in, and then it was sealed up. Then I made two strips of red material which were hemmed to hide the edges. The long strip was folded slightly and put in place on the back of the bow, then the small strip was wrapped around the middle and secured in place with velcro. I also used two small bits of velcro to stick the long strip to the bow near the edge, so it would fan out like the reference.

Once I sort out the wig, I'll attach the bow on probably using a hair slide.

30th March 2011: Belt Finished Finished painting the round shape by making pink paint for the P, and then painting on the white shiney bit to make it look cartoon-y. Then I cut out the rest of the shapes from coloured foam sheets, and stuck them in place using Bostik glues.

Very satisfied with this. :) It'll do the costume well.

28th March 2011: Belt Progress Belt pieces have been painted on with a couple layers of acrylic paint. Round piece still needs to have a pink 'P' and a white shiny bit painted on aswell.

26th March 2011: Belt Started Actually started this on Monday but didn't update this until now. The belt was started by using some white pleather my flatmate (Freyarule) had left over, and I measured my waist with the rest of the costume on to get the length measurement. I drew on the desired rectangle I wanted on the back using a pen and a ruler and cut it out carefully so it would be straight all the way along. Then I just stuck velcro on the ends which will hold the belt on.

To make the coloured bits I used Wilkinson's clay and moulded out the different round-ish shapes. The three similar ones are the general colours on the belt but I will paint over them since they are infact darker shades than they are now. I'm now waiting for the clay to air-dry in a day. There is also a red mark on the belt where I worked on the red shape on, so that's where the main bit will now go.

I've also bought shorts to wear under my skirt so now I'll feel a lot better. :)

14th March 2011: Skirt Finished I'm rather surprised I finished this in one day, but I had a lot of time on my hands plus I don't have any coursework deadlines that are too soon.

To make it I used the tutorial by Kaika/Elpheal (; where you measure out a long rectangle for the main skirt, pleat it using pins and ironing, then sew the zip in, sew the skirt shut, then measure out the waistband, sew that on, and attach a hook and fastener.

It'll need another iron before I wear it for Expo, and it feels a bit short at the back (even though I think my Cream dress was shorter), so I'll probably get some shorts to wear underneath, so I'll feel more at ease when wearing it.

2nd March 2011: Shirt Finished Front was painted over in some areas and cock-ups were fixed with white paint. Painted stripes on the back, added another layer where necessary, fixed cock-ups, then ironed under a pillow case.

It looks a little too short but with the belt and everything I think I'll look fine.

Also the wig arrived and it's VERY long! The ponytails also make it heavy but I've seen cosplayers have had this problem before and fixed it so it'll be alright.

27th February 2011: Shirt Started Bottom of shirt and arms were cut down. The bottom was hemmed to hide chalk marks and the shoulders were just cut neatly.

Layed newspaper in the shirt and painted the green 'wings' first, then painted on the stripes, using masking tape for the bottom one. Then the heart was painted on when the green bit was dry.

I still need to paint over the heart again and touch-up the stripes, then I can get started on the stripes on the back.

27th January 2011: Bought Items Pink jumper was bought from M&S for £12, and it fits quite well. :) Short boots were bought from Primark for £5. Yellow socks were bought in Asda for £2 (in a pack of 5 pairs), they're a tad short but they're still longer than the boots so they'll do unless I find a longer pair, but these ones are such a perfect colour.

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Freyarule - 19th October 2009
Ahhh! I remember this!! I really should watch it again, it was awesome xD

Rain avatar

Rain - 6th March 2011
aww cute progress is looking great as well :3