Kahlan Amnell
Legend of the Seeker

Cosplayer: Acanatane

Variant: Mother confessors dress (Season 1)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th June 2012: Daggers v2.0 So my first attempt at daggers looked good, but the cardboard base I used wasnt strong enough to support the clay, so I am remaking them; using wood as a base. So far - sooooo much sawdust @.< , but after all afternoon, i now have the basic shape and just needs lots of sanding now, then the clay etc, same as last time.

Ive made some small progress on Shar too. I WILL have props for the second time I wear this (two weeks, ahh!)

22nd May 2012: Getting there! So the main part of the dress is all but done now, just have to sew on the hood and bottom sleeves (although im thinking of getting a different fabric for them) and then the embroidery bits, and tidy up the corseting that I've left for the moment. the corseted part has taken me two whole days to sew on - I'm knackered! all the loops and the cord itself are made from cotton piping cord.

5th May 2012: Fabric!! I finallllllly have fabric for the dress! >.< and my mock is finished, so watch this space!

26th March 2012: Making props - daggers I started making the first of the two daggers Im planning for this. Its a cardboard base, with air drying clay over it. Pic is of my first attempt, before Ive dried it (its not as rough as it looks, my camera is crap!) Plan is then to sand and paint it, add leather for the handle, and then weather it...and also the whole lot for the second matching one!

7th March 2012: Nightwisp part 1 So decided I needed to do Shar along with this dress, to give me some props, lol. Started making the bottle/container. I shaped a really thin layer of polymorph over an egg, and then the top of a neck of a plastic bottle. After it set I then scooped the egg out and dissolved the shell with vinegar, so all that was left (see picture) was the polymorph attached to the bottle neck. The plan is to use a blue LED light inside the bottle to make 'Shar' (see main reference pick if you like), and then mould the rest of the bottle out of clay/something around what I have just now.

Photo: top - work in progress, bottom - ref pic.

5th March 2012: Fabric hunting and mock dress making. So whilst I was in London recently me and Nomes spent an afternoon fabric hunting - to little avail, although I did find the type of material I think would work best...although I have no idea what it's called which might make looking for it on the internet fun! I've also started work on the mock up for this (to get the shape etc right for the hood/sleeves etc) - making this just out of white cotton (as I got a heap of it for ridiculously cheap, so I have plenty going spare). Hopefully have that finished by this weekend, and then I can work out the problems with it (and I'm sure there will be many knowing my luck) and then I can start work on the proper version once I source some fabric!

18th February 2012: Material for a mock up So today I found a whole heap of material I could use to make a mock up/pattern for the dress, for really cheap! Now I just need to decide which pattern I'm vaguely going to use.

18th February 2012: Day1 I've decided I'm going to try and use this section as I havent really before, so bear with me.

So just starting this one off - just drawn some little scribbles that probably make sense only to me, and started looking around for some patterns I can modify.

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 8th February 2012
You put it up! You were talking about doing this one ages ago. Yay!

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 8th February 2012
haha, well i thought since ive got back into it again, i should have something to work on that isnt armour for when that gets frustrating, lol. also since we started at the same time, youve done waaaay more than me i feel i should catch up, lol

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 21st March 2012
That's such a clever way to make the nightwisp bottle! So that's why you asked about vinegar and polymorph.

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 21st March 2012
haha ye! I was going to explain next time I spoke to you properly, lol. Ive done the bottom bit out of clay, and have leds for it to, just need to make the top - but need to figure out a way i can still turn it on easily, lol.

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 30th March 2012
Dress has beautiful lines - good luck with this. :)

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 30th March 2012
Thank you!

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 9th May 2012
It's looking so pretty!

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 9th May 2012
thankyooo - i still have soooo much to do - so night before expo will prob be like every other for me, haha

Aks100 avatar

Aks100 - 9th May 2012
dude, looking good :) when you wearing this for?

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 9th May 2012
mcm saturday if unforeseen circumstances dont prevent me coming (i say this as its a poss.) if not itll be paris in july.

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 22nd May 2012
Love!!! How much left to do?

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 22nd May 2012
>.< the hood is pinned, just need to sew it on, although i reall should put a lining in it, about to go out and see if i can get something for that. then a little bit of fixing the top of the corset bit, and then attach the bottom of the sleeves, which wont take long, but im thinking of a different fabric, so there more swooshy, so ill see about that too, then the herringbone stitch bit down the front (but if i run out of time i suppose thats not dire.) so almost there!