Amecon Red T-shirt

Cosplayer: BB Dubs

Variant: Yukata

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

13th June 2012: Fast progress Fast progress is fast. In three days, I managed to paint the dragon design on the sleeves, made the obi and painted it red. I also added the collar to the yukata so it's almost done!

I need to make the fukuro obi, which I have a slight idea of how to make it from scratch and keeping it simple.

I bought a Madoka pink wig too. Originally I was going to dye my white wig (used for a Disgaea Ninja), however it doesn't have enough hair to style...

For some reason, I can't add any of my progress photos on the journal nor the photos session...

11th June 2012: Spray success! The spray worked out better, there should have been a bit more pink but unfortunately it had ran out =/

Next will be painting the dragon design and making the obi.

13th May 2012: Waste of resources, methinks Dyed the fabric today and it isn't as red as I wanted it to be. Perhaps I had added too much water with the dye (I will upload photos at a later date). So this productivity is kind of wasting resources/time/money...

4th March 2012: Prototype made and onwards to real thing I decided to draft my yukata as I can't be asked to make patterns for it.

Yesterday I made a black prototype yukata (sleeves were too long) and managed to complete it in one day (productiveness for the win!)
I've moved onto the real thing (fabric is must thicker as it's 100% cotton), with shorter measurements. Once I get the yukata finished, the obi and dyeing the material will be the next steps.

28th January 2012: Initial research I was looking up tutorials on how to make yukatas. Luckily my sister was given a yukata from a friend, so I can reference from it ^___^

I figured buying cotton from the usual shops of Shepard's Bush. The cotton from Cloth House is very nice but it's very expensive >: Around £15 per metre or something...