Cosplayer: sjbonnar

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

Fables avatar

Fables - 21st December 2011
Scandalous! <3

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 22nd December 2011

MissAriel avatar

MissAriel - 1st March 2012
So much love for this!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 2nd March 2012
Aww, come join the group!

loramarsden avatar

loramarsden - 29th April 2013
awwww massive love for 'recess'! will be keeping my eye on this one xxx

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 2nd May 2013
Aww haha it's done, just not had a chance to actually wear it yet!

Namine avatar

Namine - 2nd November 2013
this looks awesome. Been a big fan of recess for years! :)