Axis Powers Hetalia

Cosplayer: xPixieSoulx

Variant: Nordic Chess - Rook [fanart]

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th April 2012: finished? It's the best it's getting atm for Kitacon. I think when it comes Amecon and when I'm not between con/expo times I'll jazz this thing up properly with buttons and stuff. Since it's appearance is rather..boring and empty.

8th April 2012: vest-jumper-thing. It's's crappy but it's done with what short time I've got between everything to do.
I've pretty much finished the the best it's getting before Kitacon.
If I can ever get regimental wool I would love to tackle this all over again really.|:

19th March 2012: Diamonds R Us I hate to say I have to go spend more money on more gold ribbon apparently 2 metres of large/medium wasn't enough. urghh I've had to think around this stupid -winging- design idea for this coat. Since I'm trying to follow what the art has for a design but work it in to this rev coat pattern. x.x

18th March 2012: Adding detail Oh this is all I’ve done so far….I hate glue….I hate gold trimming shit…

10th March 2012: Sleeves of hell. I have the base all complete!
It's just a case of a million buttons and adding the details. Which I'm yet to purchase!

7th March 2012: Base coat progress I'm surprised after two days and only spending a few hours at a time on it on how far I've got.

23rd December 2011: Doodle Refs I really wanted to get started by Christmas on this... I have the pattern, I'm scared of it ^___^; Only thing I lack is the ideal fabric because fabric stores in my city suck for having things in stock or getting here on time. I'm debating the use of "Regimental Coat wool" like the pattern recommends..I think I'll opt for the cheaper option & also plan on tweak Denmark's original design slightly to fit the pattern because I'm scared of messing up trying to tweak this pattern at all.

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 9th November 2011
Yes Kitacon! Love this design! Cant wait to see :D

TheGuard avatar

TheGuard - 7th March 2012
this'l be interesting to see
i'd like to do one of wales but what set piece

BlueberryTale avatar

BlueberryTale - 29th May 2013
Love the chess designs! Sad I missed this at Kita, you did a great job :D