Pokemon Sapphire

Cosplayer: Fliss

Variant: Human form Own design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2011: Mightyena cosplay This is the first pokemon ive cosplayed haha I made up the idea for the cosplay myself and i hope it looks ok. :) I love mightyena hes so cool the best 3rd gen pokemon from sapphire and ruby.

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Anonymous - 30th September 2011
aww awsome^^ cant wait to see it!

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Fliss - 1st October 2011
Thanks alot i designed it myself i hope it dont look to crappy XD

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BlackLouie - 27th October 2011
looks cute so far :D im sure it wont look crappy hun! the design looks great x

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Fliss - 28th October 2011
:>>>>>>>>> cuteee thank you!!!! ^___^ Originally i was going to do zorua but it didnt turn out too great :) im gonna be wearing it on sat :) And going to the pokemon shoot :)

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Anonymous - 28th October 2011
Ah thank you ^_^ just finishing it off now, so hoping it'll turn out ok

Your mightyena costume looks awesome, so furry! Very cool

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Fliss - 29th October 2011
Haha i'll have a look when you have some photos. I had to make it fluffy cuz is october so i gots to be nice and warm! :)

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ScarletConcerto - 1st November 2011
It does look pretty good :) And actually rather similar to mine which I unfortunately forgot my camera for >< Are you wearing it again? :)

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Fliss - 2nd November 2011
Oh lol i dont think i will wear it again to be honest maybe on a friday of expo. :)