King Of Fighters 2002

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th April 2016: MinamiCon 22 After many years slowly tweaking I've finally got this costume to a point where I'm happy with it. The wig looked neatly styled for all of the 10 mins we were indoors before the wind had it's way with it, but even with that setback it looks a million times better than the first time I wore it and so many people asked how I got all my hair under such a short wig (wig caps are truly magical).

MinamiCon was a great chance to have some fun shoots with fellow KoF Cosplayers Delusional and Mighty Odango!
This photo was the moment we realised Delusional had left the price stickers on her shoes XD

3rd June 2015: Accessories The lovely Mighty Odango made both our sets of earrings so we could be matching with the same kind of beads <3

The necklace is a black ribbon. I just knotted it when I wore Vice to Expo and it seemed to stick out all over the place unpredictably. To make sure it always sat correctly in future I hand sewed a tiny black popper in where it crosses over and this completely solved the problem.

1st June 2015: Wig Rescue I thought there was no hope for this wig and had bought a replacement to try again. However, the colour work I'd already put into it made me reluctant to drop it, so when I picked up a razor comb I used this as a practice wig. Turns out thinning it down and evening out the length is so much easier with a razor than with scissors and it looks usable again! Short styled wigs used to be my nemesis, but no longer :D

24th May 2015: Waistcoat The back of the waistcoat had the back point raised, but this made the edge a bit flimsy, so I added some interfacing along the inside to keep the shape crisp.
To match up with Mighty Odango I used some scrap jersey and a buckle from my stash to make a fake strap on the back. The buckle is also tacked to the waistcoat to prevent it sagging.

17th May 2015: Appliqué Planning a photoshoot with MightyOdango as Mature has taken me back to the tweaks I started in 2012.
The bondaweb is amazing stuff, but with wear it will eventually peel off from the edges, so I had a go at appliqué to secure all the rectangles down. Initially tried a very narrow stitch, but the red frays quite easily so I had to unpick a few rows of trial and error before settling for a medium width that would cover the edge well.

Because one of the fabrics was stretch it was really important to use a regular stitch round the edge before the appliqué (even though it's stuck down) or the corners would stretch out really badly! Thankfully worked that out before I had to unpick more than one rectangle.

Photo shows before on the left and appliqué on the right.

10th September 2012: Finishing Touches Finally finishing off Vice for a second outing :D

For tweaks I've made the back of the waistcoat pointier and put a larger elastic loop on one of the sleeves as these were problems last time I wore it.
To finish I used bondaweb to stick the front facings down and the red blocks onto the skirt, simples!

Would like to find better boots and have another go at styling the wig by Expo.

27th October 2011: Huh? The next bout is the final already? Oh well... Waistcoat is finished! It was a pain to press out the seams as this fabric can only take a lower heat from the iron, but it's fairly flat. I used black cotton for the back lining panels where I'd run out of red and it looks fine. Annoyingly the neckline is much lower than the pattern pictures lead me to belive (this is why I usually make mockups of new patterns), which has shifted the diamond cut-out and the bottom hem further down too. I've only got a few days left and it's only a fun costume so I won't lose sleep over it :)

The dress now has sleeves and I've sewn the red elastic wrist loops into the seam so I can't forget them on the day. I used prym pearl effect poppers for the dress buttons and coloured them with red glass paint. On the waistcoat I've used open-back poppers so I can sew the black buttons over the top. I love rivet tool poppers so much <3

Gave the wig another touch up with permanent markers just to make sure I hadn't missed anywhere, but it's so much harder to see the colour difference under bulb lights rather than daylight (booo, dark winter evenings).

24th October 2011: If you can't stand the pain of losing, I can finish the job... So Expo is this weekend, but I have tomorrow off work and every evening to get it done.

I now have the base dress with no sleeves or fastenings. Odangochan's pattern was a great help to work from and I combined it with the vertical darts from my old blouse and added more of a flare to the skirt by making it a half circle (I like the idea of it being able to fan out).

My machine had a lot of trouble with this stretch fabric when usually it copes with anything. After some internet digging I had to get some fine ball-point needles, some synthetic thread, whip the tension right down and use small stitches before it would behave. At least now I have a range of needles for future use.

Waistcoat is underway; by the power of umeshu and MLP for background noise I used NewLook 6914 and my left over Dahna fabric which just ran out before the back lining panels, but that's a hidden bit that can be any fabric and doesn't even have to be red.

Must not forget the black buttons!

3rd October 2011: Hunting you down was a blast, but, whew! I'm beat! Jersey aquired! Went with a micro jersey in the end, it's got a much tighter knit and drapes really well. It's also fairly crease-proof which is essential when I'm stuffing it in a bag for Expo.

I've sketched up the sort of pattern I'm going to use for the dress based on a blouse I own that fits nicely. Odangochan has also offered to lend me the pattern she altered for Mature, so I think I'll end up with a combination of the two.

Done the bulk of wig colouring with permanent markers, I think I've got most of it and with the base being a similar colour it blends in well at the roots. There's something therapeutic about brushing a wig with pens, or that could be the solvents, who knows.

28th September 2011: Round 1...Fight! I'm tag teaming Vice in instead of Mai for October Expo, so first stop was the cupboard of squirreling. Found a few types of red fabric I could use for the waistcoat, but most importantly a wig for Vice!

Originally bought for Xianghua (but turned out to be a bit short), it's a good style for Vice if I trim the fringe up. The colour is too light, so my plan is to grab a couple of permanent markers in a darker brown/red and colour in low-lights to bring the overall colour down. As it's only a short wig and a similar colour already I don't think it warrants the full on dying treatment.

Picking up some black cotton jersey at the weekend or maybe viscose jersey.

Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 27th September 2011
oooh when did you decide upon this?

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 28th September 2011
Just yesterday! Still working on Mai, but so busy that for quick and simple this dress and waistcoat is my best bet to finish for Oct Expo. Not to mention she's very cool and I love red + black!

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 28th September 2011
Fighters Generation will furnish you with her sprites and therefore posing ideas! I'm looking forward to seeing you with short hair :3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 15th November 2011
I love this. Really love the waistcoat.

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 15th November 2011
I'm impressed you managed to fit all your hair under that wig! Looks so natural! Looove the shape of the waistcoat, it's so neat!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 16th November 2011
Thank you!

@CrystalNeko That's the magic of Heidi plaits :)