Beauty and the Beast

Cosplayer: minato_haruna

Variant: Own Halloween version

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

31st October 2011: Costume is complete I completed this costume just before halloween. I wore it for a night out.
I modified the dress by sewing black ribbon between the arm sections, sewing a black rose motif to the front and splattering it in fake blood (paint). I wore the dress with some black fishnet gloves and fishnet tights with black shoes. I had a gold ribbon in my hair and attempted to style it like belles ha ha.
Was a good night anyway and a few people worked out who I was supposed to be lol so success I think!

19th September 2011: Make up test I was at my sisters last night whilst she was doing her Alice shoot and I did a tester of what my make up and hair may look like :D freaky

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otakugirl - 19th September 2011