Princess Cordellia
Valkyria Chronicles

Cosplayer: minato_haruna

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st May 2012: FINISHED :D I've finally finished it! And I think all the hard work has been worth it. Can't wait for expo to reveal my costume and see what you all think!! :D

13th May 2012: NEARLY there So very nearly finished. Tried the full costume on yesterday with all the bits together and it looks awesome :D so excited!! Just got a few final tweaks to do. Expo is so close!!!!

6th May 2012: So close to finishing! I'm so close to finishing this costume ^^ only got a few little bits to do. Hoping I can nuckle down tomorrow and finish it. Then I can put the whole costume on together and hopefully get some good photos eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

22nd March 2012: Lots of bits done I have been working on my cosplay over the last couple of days as I have got a week off :p I have finished off lots of little bits and it is all starting to come together :D once I have finished the part I am working on at the moment I will only have two more important bits to make which is good! Not gonna have much free time between next week and expo due to new job so I will be working on cosplay at weekends to finish it off. Looking forward to expo and hoping people will like my costume! It's killing me not to post progress pics lol

13th March 2012: WIG :D My wig arrived today!!!! SO exciting!! It always makes it more exciting when you have the wig lol I bought it from Coscraft this time which are in the UK. Not bought from them before but it came quickly and is good quality so I recommend them!

27th February 2012: Another big part... As well as the part I talked about in my last post which is still on going (i need some more supplies before i can carry on) I have also started, and nearly finished two big parts of my costume with help from my sis. This part involved lots of hemming and she did this for me whilst I was at work ^^ then it was down to me to put it all together. i have pretty much finished one and now need to do the same to the other one. I'm getting really excited about expo now. Its funny when I look at my costume and all the bits i have done so far coz i still dont see how i do them all ha ha

22nd February 2012: Glue headache Got a serious glue headache last night but I have started to make use of my glue gun which my sis said I would never use lol have been making another major part of my costume but it cant be finished really until I get some foam board

6th February 2012: Exciting :D I spent all weekend pretty much at my sisters doing cosplay. We did so much and I am edging closer to completing the main part of my costume. Once I have some money lol I can buy some more little things to finish off the main part and then i can start on other important parts of my costume. My car is broken at the moment and I need to get that fixed despirately so once the expense of that is out of the way :'( I can buy buy buy supplies lol. Looking forward to the main parts being completed so I can work on the other important bits. Got so much stuff on my ebay watch list ready to buy, just need the money lol.
Tonight or tomorrow I will finish off the bottom of my costume as I dont need anything else for that :D

3rd February 2012: Fabric Finally I have some more fabric thanks to my sis :D so we spent last night cutting out some more bits ready to sew onto my costume. EXCITING

29th January 2012: Paper mache Paper mache yay :D

16th January 2012: Cosplay day Had a cosplay filled day today with my sis. She got me some much needed bits and bobs I was struggling to find and they cost hardly anything. So happy about that :D So today we have been working on some of the little details of my costume and with them all put together its starting to look really cool.
I'm stuck now and can't carry on until I buy some more little bits or the millions of meters of fabric I need ha ha. I think I will probs finish the little bits first as those bits are easier to get hold of and then I can concentrate on getting fabric...

11th January 2012: Fabric!! The fabric lady is out of stock now until 4th Feb grrr. I will either have to wait and continue with other parts of my cosplay or buy some online. The amount i need is soooo expensive everywhere else but I have found a seller on ebay who sells cheap fabric :D

11th January 2012: Important piece Made a tester for one important piece of this costume tonight so I could see if the design worked and what it looked like. Safe to say it worked and looked good so when I have got the actual materials to make this I can start on the real thing.
I also did a wig test with a similar wig which my sis had got to see what that looked like and I look pretty cool so I can now look for the same style in the right colour.
I have pretty much got all the pieces of the costume which I havent made yet planned out now apart from one piece that I am not sure how I will make it yet...
So the next thing is to order some material and bits and bobs so I can carry on. I have just bought the shoes to go with my costume and they were a bargain :D so thats one less thing to worry about

10th January 2012: waiting... The main part of my costume is currently on hold as I am waiting for something to come in the post so I have moved on to another part now. I have made a template from cardboard and when I get some more materials I can start building that part :D

5th January 2012: Well on its way I started this cosplay the other day as I realised I have only got a few months realistically in which to complete it with other stuff I have got going on and it is going to be a BIG job lol
I have now completed the base of my costume and now I need to buy more material to carry on building the costume up. A trip to the local fabric lady is in order this weekend me thinks ^^
I have also started making my prop with my sis otakugirl as she is a prop queen lol FUN FUN FUN :D

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 15th January 2012
WHOOOOO gotta love secret cosplays! =D Cant wait to see what you're doing. do we get sneak peaks?
And cheap fabric seller where? O=
I still need some red for mine and struggling to get hold of some.

minato_haruna avatar

minato_haruna - 16th January 2012
Yay for secret cosplays :D I am keeping this one a super secret until we have arrived at expo lol I want to hopefully surprise everyone (if it turns out good lol) and plus I didnt really want to put up what I was doing in case someone copied (coz im scared they will be better than me lol). So I am just adding cryptic journal updates atm, not giving much away and after expo I will post some completed costume and progress pics plus a full shopping list etc so ppl can see how I made it...we have a fabric lady near us that has a huge warehouse on her farm and sells rolls of fabric dead cheap but she is out of stock now until february so if I get itchy feet and cant wait until then I found a seller on ebay. The cheapest I could find was like 2 pound something a meter for what I wanted which I thought was fairly cheap :D your cosplay sounds like it is gonna be epic btw

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HatsuneHawke - 18th January 2012
Gahhh cant wait to see! you're lucky to have a place near you like that, i've been getting fabric cheap here in london but nothing near me, hope they get the fabric in stock soon =) 3 months, we really should meet up this time though! And don't worry about people out doing you, your cosplays are amazing! though i know what its like to have something different and original the feeling is pretty awesome ^_^ good luck with the rest of it though.

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blackorcid - 12th August 2012
Wow this is stunning. <3
It looks like sooooo much hard work went into this, you should be proud of the outcome. it really is gorgeous.