Keita Ito
Gakuen Heaven

Cosplayer: Shazz

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd August 2009: Quick Full body .

21st July 2009: Top half done I think I need to tidy some of the binding up now, but it's done.

21st July 2009: Shoesies .

14th July 2009: Wig I finally decided on a wig, it's taken me ages:/
I think this style would fit.I spent so long deliberating over 'more red' or 'more brown' xD

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Anonymous - 15th September 2008
we found this site for dirty gay ref pics!! lmao

what is yay for gay is it your slogan D:

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1000014 - 15th September 2008

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Shazz - 15th September 2008
Yay for Gay is the new 'want to see gay?' :D

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sarmander - 5th December 2008
*SQUEAL* Keita! =D I love Gakuen Heaven, and you're gonna make a really adorable Keita! (Some day I may join you as Shunsuei....someday. T_T )

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Shazz - 5th December 2008
Sarmander: uawaa~~thank youuu, I hope I can be a good Keita!:D
Ooo, please do,the more the merrier (hohoho!). I think this is for Aya?
In case you want to join^^ (bring a prop bike LOL will that make it through ops??)

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kdelioncourt - 9th December 2008

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Shazz - 9th December 2008
NOOOOOOOOOOO, no date, Hamu!

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stripey_dani - 16th December 2008
Ahahahaha Gakuen Heaven manga cracked me up xD So gay...

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kitamurin - 24th December 2008
Yay for cliche!

but Gakuen Heaven was the awesome indeed.
when is this group?

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Shazz - 26th December 2008
An Innuendo to start every episode, it's brilliant xD

Um... I think either Expo or Ayacon, or both, I'm not completely sure yet haha.

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Anonymous - 22nd July 2009
Awww Keito~ I dont see many Gakuen Heaven Cosplays~ And this is serious Cuteness! You look just like him XD

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Shazz - 22nd July 2009
@ Demented Kid Aww thank you,I'm glad it looks ok^^
We have a big Gakuen Heaven group ready for Aya actually,can't wait:)

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Sephirayne - 18th August 2009
Fab group shots. You guys looked so cute. Great to meet you by the way. XX

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Kannacchi - 25th June 2010

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Tsupo - 22nd January 2012
This is adorable!! I love Gakuen Heaven! >////<