Keiji Maeda
Sengoku BASARA

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Variant: RETIRED

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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26th May 2012: UMM...OKAY. With this being finished in February for Midlands, people have now been bugging me on when I'll wear it again.
Welp...It's kind of planned again for JCC in September, and hopefully I'll have been able to remake it, so we shall see.
I'm also being bugged about the sword...Yeah...hopefully I'll make it by september, but that's if money is good enough, really. I'm gonna attempt to make it out of foam board and not cardboard...whoops. Though I...Kiiiind of have the hilt ready...Might make it longer, but I'd have to make it a decent size for travel :I
All in all, I do need to fix this up. The belt and waist skirt thing have started to mess up a little...thread is sticking out here, there and everywhere, so I need to cut that down like...a week before the con, XD But the belt needs a proper re-make, because, LITERALLY straight after the con, it just fell apart. I shouldn't have taken it to Kita, because that made it worse XD

This will be complete once my trousers are out of the washer and if they have succeeded in being dyed. If they haven't worked, I get one more chance to dye them, or I'll have to hold him until Kita. As soon as I've found out, I'll edit him to be complete, seeing as he is BASICALLY complete.

12th February 2012: 90%? Nearly complete. If I dye the trousers it will basically be complete, but I'm in a bind until Wednesday seeing as my mother doesn't trust me with dye XD But I'm preparing for it. The rest is getting sorted, all I gotta sort now is the sandals, knee guards and thigh guards so they stay on without problem. Got everything ironed and ready, but I won't be wearing everything in the car so I'm leaving most of it downstairs XD It'll take me a while to get ready so I'll only be wearing binding, shirt and trousers and maybe the leg warmers...maybe gloves...depends XD's hoping it turns out okay with less than a week to go.

9th February 2012: Need some more pictures... Only a week to go OTL
In the last week I have to;
> Sew together the belt
> Attatch the straps to the thigh armour
> Attatch the elastic to the knee guards
> Sew the fur onto the kimono
> Dye the trousers
> Buy new sandals
...Not too much, actually, but it's just...blarg...I'm on half-term so I have more time to do it all, but I still need to play Final Fantasy XDD
So, I've finished painting, so technically things are practically done XD

6th February 2012: Progress Okay, so after flailing around for a week doing...nothing OTL I have finally caught up a bit. I need to wait until Thursday before I can carry on, though, seeing as I need some new sewing needles and to dye my trousers, STILL. Mother will sort that, though XD
Okay, so the belt was plaited by my sister because I was flailing. It's not accurate but it works for me ^^ The tassle stuff in red is basically red material that I murdered with scissors XD The tassle that goes around the belt looks like there isn't much there, but it clumps up when the belt is put on, so I will need help getting it all out on the day...I'm am probably gonna rely on Chee there XD
Everything else is all good and in progress, this includes the buckle, knee guards and thigh guards, which should be done and painted soon. Need to buy more gold paint for the buckle soon, though OTL

2nd February 2012: Armour? Okay...the armour is...BASICALLY finished...OTL
It looks messy but I have less than three weeks so I can't be fussy about it right now. I just need to paint on the back of the armour because I've ran out of gold ;-; so I need to findsomewhere that does gold paint ;---; Plus, I still gotta paint onto the elastic so it matches the trouser patterns, or just...attatch it to the fur...or something...yeah.
The glove armour will just get sewn onto the glove as well as the red elastic and they should be done soon, but I'll have to do that over this weekend.
On sunday, my mother is helping me dye the trousers. It's all coming along, but with only a couple of weeks left and college eating at my face I'm in a bit of a panic

24th January 2012: SWOOOOOORD!? First ever prop OTL;
I have made a start on it seeing as I can't do much else right now, being the week before my 18th, UGH. So I'm not allowed to paper mache until next week, so I'll be messing with the belt stuff before then, possibly attempting to get that...NEAR finished...because I can't finish it until I get some rope looking stuff...If I can't find any bits of rope looking crap then I'll have to quickly make it out of spare red material which I'll bundle up to make it look a bit more...LIKE...the rope...which could be easier...
But, the sword, as I was saying, has been cut out with cardboard and foiled up (ran out of foil OTL; ), though I DESPERATLY need to paper the hilt to make it BIGGER because it looks TINY because of my lack of cardboard and foil ;-;
ohmygosh-gonna spend so much cash on NEWSPAPERS ;-;

22nd January 2012: Wait...What? Is this...over half way done? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. (excuse my swearing, but I am SHOCKED.)
I realize that the kimono is practically done (gonna sew on the fur at the end because, well...the smaller stuff can be hidden or...'forgotten', finished painting the shirt, I have all the small stuff(TINY stuff) at the ready, except the sandals, which will be easy to find some white ones :I I just need to dye the trousers to have the main stuff done.
Through the next week or so I'll be paper mache-ing the armour pieces and strapping them to specific parts of the outfit, like the hands, which I have the elastic ready for :3
So...bloody hell, it's kind of...coming together. May even get time to make Yumekichi or start on my sword if I keep going :I

13th January 2012: 90% Kimono FFFFFFF- I finished painting/making up the kimono XD Yeah, I LITERALLY had to make up the pattern on the back, because not even all the screen shotting in the WORLD could get me a reference to the back of his kimono ;-;
The shirt is taking a while to paint because it's PINK on BLACK, but I'm still leaving it on complete because the shirt is basically done...I don't really need to paint it, but I don't want an anime shirt :I I want the game shirt. So I need to get busy.
To mention, though, I can't find my other pair of white pants :I so I do need to get down to looking through the washing piles and making sure I give myself enough time to dye it...I probably won't get the pattern on it though XD
The armour, I can do pretty easily, and tomorrow (was a bit ill today) I'll go out and buy my shit XD might even look for a monkey XD

12th January 2012: Shirt Complete? The shirt is BASIACLLY complete, just gotta paint the design on the sleeves at some point. I'm going into town tomorrow to buy some gold paint for it (I like the idea of gold over red better :I) since I ran out after Motochika. I think I'll also need some other stuff; a bit of extra red material for the sashy thingy and some rope stuff and a few big curtain tassles for all dose tassles ;-;
Need too much...
I won't be showing images of the completed products, I want to wait until it's all finished before showing any pictures like that ^^

5th January 2012: Sash and Front Painting Kimono is now at 80% seeing as the front of the pattern is done. Once I do the back it'll be at 90% and the fur will be the last 10%, so the kimono is actually nearly done.
The painting took forever though .__. ran out of paint half way through the second panel :I OTL
As for the sash, I just put some material together (it's only a little bit lighter than the kimono) around my waist, cut it up a little and then wrapped it around my dummy. Then I just put the shape better together before slicing into it, CAREFULLY.
Took ages because I had to be careful or it would start to frey. The material is good because it doesn't frey unless you just slice into it madly :I
Not done much else today, but i got the zebra fur. It's a little thicker than I wanted, but I can chop it down a little.

3rd January 2012: Armour Pieces I got the shapes wired out and covered them in foil. It's actually an annoying job to get the shapes done, but it's worth it.
After I buy the rest of my materials on Thursday, I'm going to finish off making the kimono, dyeing my trousers and finishing the shirt before I get down to papering them up and painting them. Need to buy some more paints, too ;-;
Ugh...I'm having pre-cosplay doubts, but I'm gonna be fine XD
Need to do another wig test .__.

2nd December 2011: 60% Kimono!! I've got the main base of it done 8D The fur is just pinned on, I'm doing the painting on it first, but I need to find some back references first before I can,so I need to try and mess with the pants a little first ^^;
I need to buy some thinner fur for the shin guards and gloves XD I still have yet to use the wire to make the shapes of the knee guards and the belt...thing...
I have to admit, this kimono has been a bitch to me and it's finally worked when I decided to try something else, which just included sewing it all together and hoping for the best...which worked XD
Yes, the scarf is there just to show how it'll look XD

24th November 2011: PROGRESSSS 8D Got quite a bit done today and I'm still going...Like a bossss ;D
Got the trousers practically finished, just gotta get the waistline done with my mother's help *bad with elastic OTL*
Bought the red socks today and I bought the gloves to add the fur to, YEY 8D
Gotta find my sandals...OTL...Still attempting to cut out the kimono panels XD But I have some chalk now, so I can get a move on XD
Still need to buy fabric paint BIOFBGUOIRGF-

17th November 2011: Kimono Got it...Mildly...started...mainly just with the pattern I'm making...
Using my Gintama kimono to base it, then, because Keiji's fits him a little more than Gin's did, I'm going to shape it a little more to myself, so it'll still be baggy, but it'll have more of a shape to it.
I'm basically going to cut out all the material tomorrow and begin work on pinning it together with a little help off my sister XD
If I ever seem a little depressed when making this, it's because I'm going through an annoying phase of 'BLARG- I WON'T MAKE IT WELL, I WON'T SUIT HIM OTLOTL'
But, I'm going to do it )<

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 19th September 2011
That wig looks totally gorgeous ;o

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 19th September 2011
That wig is sexy ;p

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Anonymous - 24th November 2011

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Anonymous - 6th January 2012
you got to do Keiji in may because i'll be sanada

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 25th January 2012
omgosh it's lookin awesome!!! if i can at all see what i'm doing in my costume i want pics of u!

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 25th January 2012
Haha! Thanks a lot! I'll make sure not to flail too much while you try and take the pictures XDD
...I'm still gonna flap your coat XDD

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 14th February 2012
Looks excellent! Really wonderful job =D

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 15th February 2012
Aaaaah, Keiji~! *___* I hope I get to see you at Midlands, this'll be epic!

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 16th February 2012
Dude, if you can't see me, I'd be worried about your eyesight XD I'm gonna stick out XD
Be good to speak with some more Basara fans XD WE'RE ALL SO RARE IN THE UK XDD

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 19th February 2012
glad you liked the photos I took, your costume was so amazing! Sammie's photos are up now too but on my facebook!

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 22nd February 2012
This looks incredible now that it is all put together. It is an amazing costume, well done =D

Ino avatar

Ino - 24th February 2012
Wowee, you have done such an amazing job on Keiji!! I can't believe all the details you packed in O_O! Yarr did see you very briefly at Telford~~

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 24th February 2012
InfiniteJester: Those photos were great, thank you ^^ Thanks a lot ^^
Kacela: Oh wow, thank you 8D
Ino: Thanks a lot XD those details haunted me in my nightmares after the days it took me to do it OTL You were Lightning, yes? I remember seeing you while I was attempting to fix my cosplay- SAD TIMES XD