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Cosplayer: Eloraborealis

Variant: Miscellaneous

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

18th March 2013: Blue Shell Item: Blue Shell
Source: Mario Kart
Time: The time taken to watch series one of Spice and Wolf, and most of Kim Possible XD
Difficulty: 4/10

One of the most fun props to make, and also one of the cheapest! (all I needed to buy was more PVA glue, there's quite a few layers of paper mache!) It was so simple to make, anyone could do it, seriously! First I paper-mached a balloon, then I cut out the leg and head holes and added the brim around the middle and edges. Then I padded out certain sections, like each hexagon on the top and each stripe on the underside to give it more texture as they aren't supposed to be flat (then more paper mache). Then I added the horns (paper mache again) and then the wings (more paper mache). Painting wise, I used acrylics, it was very fiddly to paint the inside black mind you!

Overall I really like how this turned out! My only regrets are that my balloon was a bit warped, so it isn't as symmetrical as I'd have hoped for. Also, I realised only after painting the yellow underside that the colour was off, I was using a green shell charm I had as my reference and didn't realise it was off colour. I swear this thing got more attention than me at Amecon! XD

17th March 2013: Bob-Omb Item: Bob-Omb
Source: Mario Kart
Time: A couple of hours maximum, plus drying time!
Difficulty: 2/10

Bob here started life as a football! All I had to do was get an empty roll of sellotape, cut out a circle to glue over it, paint it light blue, glue that to the painted ball, and then add a paper mache wick, two card eyes and two paper-mache feet, simple! I didn't get enough time to make a cog for him, but at least it was easier to hold him without one!

Sadly Bob's foot fell off in Transit to Amecon, and as I was in a hurry to glue it back on the super glue dribbled over him, so he doesn't look as good anymore, but I still love him dearly! He was so quick and easy to make, and as all I needed to buy was a football from a pound shop, very cheap too! Next time my Mario group cosplay again I will probably finish him off with a cog!

10th June 2012: Pokemon Goodies! Item: Gym badges, Pokeballs and Geodude sculpture
Source: Pokemon
Time: The time it takes to watch the first 3 seasons of Adventure Time!
Difficulty: 3/10

Badges: Made from Fimo Air Dry Light, painted with acrylics, simple enough! There's a lot of inconsistencies with the size of the badges so I settled with about 3cm long give or take the shape!

Pokeballs: Made from polystyrene balls, painted with acrylics, and Fimo for the buttons. I used masking tape to mark out the patterns on the tops, but I wouldn't advise it as I took of flecks of the paint when I pulled the tape off. Also word of advice: DO NOT use spray paint on polystyrene, I had a bit of a blonde moment and learnt the hard way!

Geodude: I forgot to take progress pictures, so if you're interested in making one you'll have to try making sense of my description! I took a kids sponge football, carved out a mouth, stuck some metal wire through the middle to mark out the base of the arms and looped it at the ends for hands. Then I scrunched up some newspaper and put it on the wire (like a kebab!) to shape the arms, added some newspaper balls for hands and sausage shapes for fingers. I then textured the main body/ball by covering it in scrunched up newspaper and taping into place, and added some lumpy bits for eyebrows, etc. Next I covered the whole thing in paper mache (which took days to dry as it is sponge after all!), spray painted, and used acrylic paints for the mouth parts. I painted the eyes onto card and stuck them on so that they stood out a bit more. I also scratched him up with sand paper to add to the texture and make him look a little more like rock (sadly the only spray paint I could get was metallic, I was too lazy to hand paint!). And that's pretty much it! I do love my 'dude (who has been christened Gerald), he wasn't hard or expensive to make either, just time consuming! He's to 1:2 scale as I really wanted him to have a core but have a mouth carved out, and this was the biggest sponge ball I could find!

28th February 2012: Kongikus Lantern Item: Kongikus Lantern
Source: Muramasa - The Demon Blade
Time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: 5/10

I'm pretty proud of this, as it started life as the most random list of items EVER (a lampshade, curtain hooks, overflow pipe, curtain ties, etc!)! This was for my sister, she made my kimono for Yuzuruha so it was only fair. Only she only went and BROKE IT! She dropped it on stage, thus there is a tear in the lampshade bit, which sucks! She definately owes me after all the hard work I put in!

The process was simple for this, but hard to explain, so I'll just make a few points. The actual way the lampshade and the hook & loop bits is not the small card rectangles, as it's attached by cord knotted under the cone, if that makes any sense, for added strength. The cream ball bit is just modelling clay, to secure the hoop bits together, hence why it isn't quite spherical! Also, the structure isn't actually attached to the pole at all, they are only hooked together (like the design I must add, not because I'm lazy!), it fell off on stage only because my sister is STOOPID and twisted it so the hooks unlinked!

Oh, as you can probably tell, the lantern lights up, there's a short string of white fairy lights in the middle, I thought it was a nice touch! :D

11th September 2011: Death The Kids Skateboard Item: Death The Kid's Skateboard
Source: Soul Eater
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: 3/10

This was a spur of the moment prop for my friend who is cosplaying Kid along with me and my sister as Liz and Patti. I had already offered to make him the guns but then remembered I still had my old skateboard from many years ago, and figured I'd throw it in too! It was in pretty bad shape anyway, so it's probably worth more now with my customisations! XD There isn't much to say on the actual making front, as all I did was use acrylic paints to paint the new design straight over the old one, but as for the wheels I used red nail varnish so that the paint will stay on (hopefully, we'll have to see what happens!)

25th July 2011: Tags and Crests Item: Tags/Crests
Source: Digimon Adventure
Time: 4-5 hours I recon
Difficulty: 4/10
Another pair of Digimon props, the pink one was for my sister's Kari cosplay and the green one was for my Mimi cosplay. These weren't half as fiddly as the Digivices thank the lord! I'm quite proud of them, but I wish I made them a little more 3 dimensional! Made of Fimo and painted with acrylics, as always!

16th July 2011: Digivices Item: Digivices (original version)
Source: Digimon Adventure
Difficulty: 5/10

These are probably one of my favourite projects so far. I made two, for both me and my sister, for the 'Banana Cheesecake Pie Squad' Digimon group, such an epic name, I know! I do love them to pieces, they turned out really well considering I only had the one decent reference picture. Although not particularly complex, they were quite fiddly to make; the writing and shapes around the centre screen were a bitch to do! My only real issue with these is that they are both a little on the small side, and one ended up smaller than the other (Death the Kid OCD mode: ACTIVATED). Made out of Fimo (a cosplayers' best friend) and hand-painted.

Hannah-Kiwii avatar

Hannah-Kiwii - 16th July 2011
These digivices are beautifully detailed and look really well made!

Plasticsharkattack avatar

Plasticsharkattack - 20th July 2011
They look totally epic! *steals* ;)

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 7th August 2011
Yaaay the epic crests and digivices!!! :D

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CrystalNeko - 11th September 2011
Oh wow, madly in love with your prop making skills!

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JustPeachy - 10th June 2012

magsul avatar

magsul - 17th March 2013
I want your Pokémon goodies! xD
They look terrific, really.