Ketekyo hitman Reborn!

Cosplayer: MangaChild

Variant: Vongola Rings Arc

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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ryaoki - 28th August 2008
HAHA BEAT YOU TO COMMENT ON THIS ONE MIKE....OH BUGGER this is your costume ¬¬ touche, aww man youll look kickas as this, looks reali evil and angry that must be because birmingham one the olypics and bristol didnt lol, goodlook man(join the soul eaterrss)

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Anonymous - 28th August 2008
Yesssss, A Xanxus to bite to death, kekeke =3

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Odd-One-Out - 15th September 2008
Oooh feathers, Mike!

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Ino - 30th September 2008
I love Xanxus :3 Gotta be my favourite villain from KHR. Therefore, I shall look forward to seeing this at Expo, where I shall be Tsuna (quaking in my boots XD).

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Anonymous - 4th October 2008
Join our group ^^

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sarmander - 4th October 2008


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Reve - 17th October 2008
cant wait to see this one!

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ryaoki - 5th November 2008
ROFLMAO MATE IF I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THEM PHOTOS i know im from brummie giving me the power to fool the birzzle eyes but sadly i did find them pictures but i cant take cred for taking the pics lol

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ryaoki - 6th November 2008
(another comment yes HOWEVER) I CANT BELIEV HOW MUCH i love this costumes, ive been watching and reading reborn abit more and now ive really gotten in to it and i cant BELIEVEE how much like xanxus you look, certanly another realy inspiring cosplay and same goes to amber, haha i think choosing fangola primo was a good and bad move, as hes cool but not alot of people no of it so im gonna watch the series more and see who i suit more before i make a big decision for a reborn costume

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Odd-One-Out - 7th November 2008
So cool to see irl!

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goodbyeworld - 11th November 2008
This cosplay is AWESOME!
I was so glad to see this in person! ^^

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Brinny-Chan - 21st November 2008
Hiya, awesome cosplay!
I think i took a photo of you XD
It isnt very good though

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Anonymous - 23rd November 2008
we need a family portrait XDDDDD
to show the fake 10th brats what are they dealing with!!!

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Anonymous - 26th March 2009
D'aww thank you for the comment on my Xanxus 8DD I think I did see you doing this at Expo...maybe that's where I got my urge from XD

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Adamoluna - 8th May 2009
wow @ character look-alikeness! O.O
Excellent job.

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goodbyeworld - 25th November 2009
Your Xanxus is amazing

(Btw, those pictures Reiss found are by me. Glad you like them~ =D)

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Ilpala - 1st December 2009
I had no idea you did these, looking good though.