Chris Redfield
Resident Evil 1 Remake

Cosplayer: DarkKasai

Variant: S.T.A.R.S

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

28th December 2011: what i got? I have a suitable body warmer im going to edit, a white top (goes under the body warmer) and as for hair iv'e decided to cut and dye my own hair for this one.

22nd November 2011: Change of plan i was originaly going to cosplay as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5, but as im not as buff as him it makes be a bit nervous. Also it would be more suited to cosplay as Resident Evil 1's version as ZombieNekoNinja will be my Jill (shes doin resident evil 1 style.). Puppykitten14 (my girlfriend) will be cosplaying as Claire Redfield Umbrella Chronicles style.

Thing is i rather of cosplayed as a couple with my girl friend as Telford MCM date (18th feb) is our 2 year anniversary but who knows maybe will will take two different cosplays, resident evil and something else, depending on time and money. :D

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 27th October 2011
how chummy are we all gna look at mcm next yr all resi'd out n ready to kick zombie Ass =3 gna be legendary tbf

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 28th October 2011
true true it will be epic

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 28th October 2011
cant wait XD gna be sooo legendary cus we are STARS ((and yes claire redfield is now a stars member i hath decided XD)) n i know ur doin bsaa chris but shhh lemme have this moment XD

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 27th November 2011
And you shall be my brother and i shall call you Chrisy XD

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 27th November 2011
XD lool

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 28th November 2011