Pirate School-Girl Uniform

Cosplayer: LittlePidgey4

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th February 2011: Skirt Finished Got thick waist elastic and threaded it through the red band using a safety pin. Pinned the elastic at both ends, pinned the skirt together, and sewed it all shut.

The red band doesn't show normally but it's mainly for insurance if I stretch and my belly shows. I'm quite happy with the skirt length. :)

12th February 2011: Skirt Progress Measured out and cut out a thick, long strip of red material for the waist band. Sewed it on so there's a tunnel going through it for the elastic.

It had to be cut down a couple times since I was making the band too thick and therefore the skirt would be too long. I want a thick band since the main bit's a bit short on its own plus the shirt was cut down a bit too short and I don't like my belly showing.

7th February 2011: Skirt Started Got some fabulous pirate fabrics for the outer and inner bits. Measured thyself and cut out lengths of skirt pieces from each fabric. Then they were stitched together at the top. This might go a bit wrong but I have lots more fabric to make this again if I do.

Next is making the red band that the elastic will go through and stitching that on.

31st January 2011: Shirt Finished The red ribbon was stitched on, and I almost ran out too. :P It looks slightly messy but I think it looks more pirate-made that way.

I'll sort out the label showing on the bandana, and the tie has also been sorted out. The shirt's slightly short, but I'll make the skirt longer.

31st January 2011: Boots Purchased These boots were bought from eBay and they feel and fit very nicely. I really wanted buckles on them since that looks piratey. XD

31st January 2011: Shirt Progress Edges have been hemmed successfully after I discover increasing the thread tension stops loops appearing, and the red ribbon has been pinned on ready to be sewn on.

29th January 2011: Shirt Progress The flap was pinned on and hand-sewn on (which I still find fiddlely(sp?)), and the tips of the collar at the front were secured down with poppers and glue, then I made the front triangle bit out of previously cut-off shirt and a red ribbon. This was attached with stitching on one side and velcro on another side so there's enough room to get my head through.

The arms and bottom of the shirt have been cut down and pinned in place to hem. Then I'll add the red ribbon.

29th January 2011: Shirt Progress The two collars were sewn together right-side in and were then turned inside-out so the ribbon and the flap were shown on the outside. The hole was then sealed shut behind the neck.

The collar isn't than shiny as in the photo and it will be ironed.

28th January 2011: Shirt Started Two sailor collar shapes have been cut out. The ribbon has been sewn onto on side, and a flap has been sewn onto another.

27th January 2011: Misc Items #1 Here's a photo of the bandana, tie (made from a small scarf and a hairband-type thing), net gloves, and black tights I'm going to use.

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Freyarule - 23rd April 2011
Arrrrr me heartie

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LittlePidgey4 - 24th April 2011
Aaarrr, I need to practice me pirate lingo. XD