Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplayer: KawaiiKira

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

22nd April 2012: a wig choice So after loads of searching, this might be the wig i choose for Yuj. I really can't find anything else closer to his hair colour and this is kind close, but I'm still not really happy with it. ^^" if anyone could recomend any wigs to me, I would appriciate it!

14th January 2012: Props I am thinking what props I should have for this cosplay, I'm thinking of having the NORA gun in Chapter 1, yet I can't find good reference for it. I might ask around on DA. Another idea is the four bottles he carries in the flashback. Those would be much easier to do, But i perfer his gun...

28th November 2011: Wig search! So far I think I have found a site which has the most perfect wig colour just like Yuj's, It's jus the lenght I am worried about. I want there to be enough fibres in it to create that same amount of 'poofness' Yuj has, but the length size is not what i want. but I might just buy this stores Extra Long hair wig then ^^

24th October 2011: Base Shirt I finally found a suitable base shirt for Yuj! it's the same purple/red colour that he wears, same length, and got it dirt cheap at primark :D

DangerousBox avatar

DangerousBox - 13th January 2012
I really want to cosplay Maqui at one point! Im so glad other people are doing N.O.R.A cosplays :D

Creative-Stitches avatar

Creative-Stitches - 14th January 2012
I think the gun would definately be awesome ^^ If I come across any reference pictures of it i'll be sure to pass them your way.