Soul Calibur IV

Cosplayer: GunstarVixen

Variant: 1p

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

'Perfect Painting' award at Ayacon 2009 - from CosplayIsland

1st August 2009: kimono done!! and actually done! all the accessories attached to it and everything!!!

27th July 2009: wow so much progress What a weekend!
Okobo: Cut sanded and almost drilled (drill ran out of battery and is recharging) Straps just need making attaching, and the okobo need painting and varnishing.

Kimono: Painting finished (I could add more but I will leave it for now, as it's fine as it is) The lining is now made and attached. All that is left is adding the collar and the ribbon detailing on the sleeves

Kimono accessories: Obi belt is cut just needs sewing (which is easy as it's basically a long strip of lilac!) The bow on the arm is halfway there, the gold bit is done, but I need to buy purple cord. The thing on the collar is drying and needs putting together, but is basically done, and the little pouch thing that hangs from her waist is also just waiting on purple cord.

Tattoos: drawn on paper, they need scanning colouring and printing on tattoo paper. I will do a little trial and see how well it lasts before the day.

Parasword: just needs varnishing

Bra and gauntlets: Done.

Hair accessories: Done.

1st July 2009: props Started on the okobo last night. cut the block in half but I need a better saw as mine is shite, so I'm off to dyas or argos at lunch to get me one that actually cuts wood! Have marked the shapes out, I tried sticking some ribbon round them and walking round the flat, they are heavy but not as heavy as i thought, so hopefully with a little hollowing I can get them even lighter!

I also pretty much finished the parasword, it just needs a varnish and it's good to go!

30th June 2009: okobo Wood bought. Its nice wood if a little heavy. What I think I'll do is drill some holes part way into the bottom to reduce the weight, okobo are traditionally hollow anyway, so I might grab a chisel and gouge out as much of the middle as I can. But it's nice smooth wood, which cost me a fiver for 55x6x8 but I have big feet so needed quite a large piece to proportionally look right.

Parasword is very very nearly done. Just some gold detailing and a varnish and it's good to go. (oh well it does need a purple square attaching to the top but thats a 5 min job!)

I'm starting to feel more confident about getting this costume done in time now. So much so that i'm going to pick up fabric for my other costumes at the weekend!

29th June 2009: blossom sort of done White and dark blossom done. gold and pink to go. Started work on the phoenix with the gold edging. Still loads to go, but I've passed a major hurdle now.

23 hours and counting.

25th June 2009: 1/4 of the main body painted with white flowers 17 hours...

23rd June 2009: sleeve 2 - white blossom done 16 hours and counting...

22nd June 2009: more paint. So the red base coat is done. It is a little patchy in places, but I will touch that up once all the flowers are done and I can see what bits still need doing.

I have painted the white flowers on one of the sleeves now, it still needs some darker and some goldish faint ones added, but only a couple for the sleeves as they will have the ribbon lattice work added to them. The main bulk of blossom will be the back.

Getting there slowly.

14 hours of painting and counting...

15th June 2009: more painting 2 more jars of red paint finished. I'm nearly there with the red base coat. This is taking forever. I will post more photos when the base coat it finished.

9th June 2009: hmmm So I started the phoenix on the back. As I have so far only done the yellow base layer it currently resembles the bastard love child of the 9 tailed fox and a chocobo.

hmmm, here's hoping that once it's finished it will hopefully resemble a phoenix.

7th June 2009: painting I got the parasol and extra tube painted and put togther, I've started sanding down the sword hilt so it is a nice snug fit.

I have also started painting the kimono. Man it's going to take ages!! I have done the first red layer on the sleeves and that took 6 hours and just over a pot of paint. while they were drying I sketched out the two tattoos (arm and leg) which I will need to scan and colour in before I start test printing. (I think I'm going to need a new colour cartridge) I'm going to print them normally so I can get the exact sizing before I do a test print on the tattoo paper, as I'ver never used it before. But I have 5 sheets and it should only take 1 for both (plus a spare one with me) fun fun

6th May 2009: long time no see Wow it's been a long time since I staretd work on this costume. Finally got round to making more progress. Have almost finished painting the parasol for the parasword. The pic I've uploaded was in progress I've actually done far more than that. I need to go and buy the sander today to get the sword done

21st January 2009: slowly does it sewn the kimono together, and have started drawing on the flowers for painting. Have only done the sleeves so far and that took at least 30 mins, and they are only roughly drawn on!

5th January 2009: update OK so the bra and the gauntlets are done, hoping when the kimono is done I will look less like a low budget porn superhero! Started the hair ornaments, the flowers are all painted and varnished, and the droplets are threaded together, just need attaching to the clip. The comb is now dry (air dry clay and a plastic hair comb) just needs painting and varnishing. Haven't done the ribbon as I'm waiting on the fabric paints to be delivered (which should hopefully be this week!) have also sketched the design for the back of the kimono. Oh dear it's going to be epic.

15th December 2008: started Started yesterday, started making the gauntlets. Oh what fun, I appear to have strangely large hands which is making the fitting fun. The first one is done though and looks quite cool!

13th November 2008: it begins I have a dark lilac for the gauntlets and bra, and the most amazing gold lycra for the trim (omg £10 p/m but totally worth it!) will try and get them done by the end of the weekend

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 19th August 2008
afetr seing le blanc this suits you so so well and very much int he face too !!!! cant wait to see this hun

Uni avatar

Uni - 9th September 2008
Woot! This is gonna be awesome! : 3

SasukeRoxMySox2 avatar

SasukeRoxMySox2 - 24th November 2008
i have to agree with are so totally going to kick ass as setsuka and i cant waiittt to see it <3

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 28th December 2008
I'm very much looking forward to this ^_^

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 30th December 2008
Dammit! Use the timer on my little digital camera to get decent progress photos you!
Also - haha. Boobs! XD Looks good.

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 30th December 2008
sorry they were taken on my phone! camera battery was dead!!

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 30th December 2008
Ah well - fair enough. Stupid camera battery in that case. ¬¬

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 30th December 2008
gah xD i need to learn to sew lol ... looks great *jealosy*

Sands avatar

Sands - 30th December 2008
woot, this is going to be epic. youl really suit it!

cant wait to see it at expo =D

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 30th December 2008
looks to be another great cosplay on the way. Looking forward to seeing this

Bunni avatar

Bunni - 8th January 2009
Looking really great hun! This costume suits you down to the ground!!!
Can't wait to see this!

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 8th January 2009
Looking goood! I have to make a bra for one of my costumes too xD Its exciting stuff!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th January 2009
O_O hot hot HOT!!!! *_*

cant wait to see this at expo!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 8th January 2009
1. You do not need to "get in shape"! Your shape is already quite fine thank you!
2. You look great in this ^_^ Can't wait to see it finished!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 20th January 2009
Wow! you are going to be stunning as Setsuka. I love Soulcalibur so its always great to see cosplays from it.

Adamoluna avatar

Adamoluna - 20th January 2009
OMG sexayy :D

Looking forward to seeing how you'll do the kimono.

tousen_218 avatar

tousen_218 - 12th February 2009
Yay your Setsuka is coming along great cant wait till you do her parasword ^_^ Which you can use when it no doubt rains at the expo. Who said cosplays cant stylish & functional xD

SasukeRoxMySox2 avatar

SasukeRoxMySox2 - 4th March 2009
i actually really cant wait to see thiiiiiisss XD
im planning to do er for october 09 so i might have to ask you for some help LOL

anyway keep goiiinnng!!

SasukeRoxMySox2 avatar

SasukeRoxMySox2 - 4th March 2009
i actually really cant wait to see thiiiiiisss XD
im planning to do er for october 09 so i might have to ask you for some help LOL

anyway keep goiiinnng!!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 4th March 2009
progress on this is looking awsome

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 1st June 2009
man this is looking awesome cant wait to see the finished thing!

Manga Girl avatar

Manga Girl - 7th June 2009
This coslay is looking amazing! :D

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 8th June 2009
*sadface* This makes me even more gutted I won't be at Aya to see you in this!!! You're gonna be re-wearing it at other events I hope????

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 9th June 2009
will probably bring it to october expo!

KhaosKreator avatar

KhaosKreator - 9th June 2009
I had to paint a pheonix on a coat for Timber's Kilik costume. It spent most of its time looking like some kind of plant, so I feel your pain! I'm sure it will look wonderful though.

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 11th June 2009
Wow you are going to make a perfect Setsuka, im hoping to do Scheherazade from soul calibur 4, yay! would be awesome to get a group together sometime! :)

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 22nd June 2009
you look amazing as her hun you ARE SETSUKA cant wait to see it, ok if i get some pics of it hun?

angel aiko avatar

angel aiko - 22nd June 2009
nawwww cant wait to see this :3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 22nd June 2009
Wow! Loving the progress so far. You are going to be so stunning.

Lozzie avatar

Lozzie - 30th June 2009
this is looking beautiful! Cant wait to see it!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 1st July 2009
Wow, working parasword..Neat! :)

Waiting to see how you tackle those sky scraper sandals ^^ he he he

KhaosKreator avatar

KhaosKreator - 1st July 2009
Awesome sword. I'm so glad you made a working one. Like srsly.


Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 6th July 2009
NICE awsome costume best of luck

Relion avatar

Relion - 27th July 2009
Amazing. Never seen a Setsuka before! :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th July 2009
Setsuka is hot!!! good luck with the cosplay *__* it looks gorgous so far ^o^

Uni avatar

Uni - 29th July 2009
HOMG Beautifuls! Great progress : D

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 29th July 2009
Looking really good! I really like the hair accessories and the phoenix doesn't look like a chocobo anymore :)

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 29th July 2009
I know!!! no more chocobo! Strangely part of me is sad that I no longer have a chocobo kimono :(

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 29th July 2009
Loving the hair test shot. Your going to look so awesome XX

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 12th August 2009
Finished Okobo = work of art, ..they're beautifull. You're so artistic. :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 19th August 2009
You looked fab as Setsuka - award well deserved =^_^=

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 20th August 2009
Congrats one the award. You deserved it hun.

You looked stunning as her. XX

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 20th August 2009
What a beautiful cosplay! You make an excellent Setsuka, great attention to detail on your costume.

sonia_leong avatar

sonia_leong - 20th August 2009
You were such a perfect Setsuka!! ♥ And WOW, congrats on the award, sooooo well deserved!! ^w^ It was also lovely to meet you properly at Aya too.

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 21st August 2009
you look awsome XD

DarkElf avatar

DarkElf - 21st August 2009
Brilliant Setsuka cosplay, so much detail. It was great to group with you. Congrats on the award, it was well deserved! ^^

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 22nd August 2009
You look exactly like Setsuka, very well done! All that effort was well worth it : D

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 1st September 2009
Love the new photos! You make a wonderful Setsuka, super grats on the prize too :D

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 18th December 2009
Perfect :D

picklesofdoom avatar

picklesofdoom - 18th December 2009
Sweet! Can't believe I missed you at Aya. Your cosplay is superb and congratulations on the award, it was much deserved! <3

- avatar

- - 16th June 2010
I'd actually love to do this cosplay!

You look fantastic. Really always wanted to do a soul Calibur cosplay!

SasukeRoxMySox2 avatar

SasukeRoxMySox2 - 20th November 2010
okay so like a year later im finally starting mine..i have a few questions..
are the okobo difficult to walk in and