Wang Yao (China)

Cosplayer: Papercat

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

1st May 2011: Right then. The most important part of my costume isn't going to be done in time for the Expo, so I'm having to make it myself. Got referred here by a friend, and figured why not.

So far, I have:
-Knee-length black trousers.
-Black slip-on shoes
-A panda (the best bit :3)
-A conical hat (still in the Sorting Office, but I can get it when this interminable four-day weekend is over. Forget the Bank Holiday, I want my hat XP)
-Straps for a basket backpack thing
-Hair dye
-A sample of the fabric I'll most likely be making the top out of
-Loads of exams eating into my time.

Going on a sewing machine hunt on Tuesday, found one on Gumtree in my area but it's £50 so it's a maybe.