Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Greek Maiden

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

13th May 2009: Corset I solved my horn dilemma by...starting the corset instead XD
It's hard to see in the photo as I'm using black funky foam, but I'm using layers to get the main details with curved folds down the front panels. I'm going to do the smaller details with glue gun.

8th May 2009: Picky Me I'm being held up by my inability to decide how I want the horns to curl >.<
I don't like the idea of them only sticking out to the side, I want a spiral to them, but I keep wanting to tweak the proportions. There are three different pics with this headdress and each one is a different curl, damn you brain just pick one, it's been 3 days!

27th April 2009: I call him Bob Air dough is strange stuff, it's incredibly light and because of that it will actually ruckle and crease if you try to mould it too far in one go. It's exactly like moulding stale marshmallow. I'm not patient enough to work that slowly, so I'm going to fill the gaps with gesso when I'm done.
I'm going to add the horns when it's dry so I don't squish it :)

23rd April 2009: Crafty I drafted and cut the arm bangle out of funky foam. It seemed too flat, so I used a glue gun to get a curved enamel effect and I'm going to spray paint it silver.

The wire is the base for the headdress horns, which I'm going to build up with Air Dough.

9th April 2009: Boobs Spoke to a lovely lady on Cosplay.com who did a similar shape Dawn costume. I'm going to try using wire in the bustline to keep the cutaway shape :)

4th December 2008: It begins... I've found some lovely soft white viscose fabric for £2p/m. Take that ebay shop who tried to charge me £6. Bargin!

I've also picked up some air dough. I'm thinking I can use a polystyrene ball with a coat hanger through it as a base structure and then build up the skull and horns with dough. This should make it really light to wear, but not as fragile as air dough on it's own :)

I've also started to build the halo out of foam board; sanding down the edges is getting dust everywhere :/

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 28th July 2008
That's a gorgeous Dawn design, it'll look stunning on you.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 26th September 2008
This is a lovely outfit and will really suit you =^_^=

Tak avatar

Tak - 9th April 2009
You're going to look so sexy :D

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 24th April 2009
Wow Gorgeous costume design. Im looking forward to seeing you do this. :)

Odd-One-Out avatar

Odd-One-Out - 14th May 2009
Looking good, looking good!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 14th May 2009
*wolf-whistles* I can't wait to see this! It'll look amazing!

Metamorphica Cosplay avatar

Metamorphica Cosplay - 17th June 2011
yaaaaay another Dawn fan. love this design.