Chou'un Shiryuu
Ikki Tousen / Battle Vixens

Cosplayer: Moonchild

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

26th May 2011: Mostly finished =) Soo everything is pretty much done now! I just need to sew the red buttons onto my top and also sew a popper onto my shirt for the bow to attach to.

Finished both the shirt and top today also but forgot to take a photo.

The Katana is also now finished, the handle wrapping was a major major pain like I literally wanted to impale myself on the katana LOL so its not great but seeing as it was my first ever attempt and didn't really know what I was doing i'm just happy to have it finished.

Wig has also been cut although its needing a little styling but should be okay I hope.

So yesss pretty much done, I don't really know how this is going to look on me as the top was really difficult to get right due to my AWFUL body shape >.< so i'm feeling a bit meh about it atm but I think once I have it all on together I will feel a bit better.

25th May 2011: Finished Skirt Finished Skirt =)
This is the same skirt I wore for my Road cosplay, just sewed the red ribbon along the bottom. Think it came out pretty well, this skirt is a little on the short side though ^^'

25th May 2011: Finished Socks and Shoes These were a major pain! I forgot to take into account the fact that anything being sewed onto a pair of knee-high socks would look different when not actually being worn.

Sooo I had to push the socks onto this 'kitchen utentsils round pot thing...', pin the cotton tape in place and then hand stich it down. They aren't perfect but i'm pretty happy with them =) Also my shoes aren't that red! They are more of a dark brown, was just the combination of horrible lighing in my room and the flash of my camera XD

25th May 2011: Katana Progress 2 Sooo its now had I think 2 layers of silver spray paint, will give it some more tomorrow. My dad had the clever idea of using the plastic handle off of a kid's badminton racket we found in the shed lol So we glued the pieces round the wood and filled it with wood filler, then wrapped duck tape round to secure it in place.

It has since been painted black ready for the handle wrapping and have also made the round 'guard' part which just needs to be kept in place.

So pretty much all I have left to do is a few more layers of paint and the handle wrapping and it shall be finishedddd =)

19th May 2011: Katana Progress Just to show the Katana before it was painted =)
And the scabbard too, i'll be replacing the black ribbon with the left over yellow shoelaces providing I have any left over lol

18th May 2011: Gloves Just bought these off eBay, I know they aren't accurate but they aren't a major part of the costume so i'm not really that bothered =) Grace used the same ones in red for her Kanu cosplay and I think hers looked really good as they are leather as well.

I may change them at a later date but will do for now =)

Ive also ordered some yellow shoelaces to use on the Katana handle (the diamond looking pattern)

17th May 2011: Shirt Bought this a few days ago, i'll be wearing it underneath the waistcoat top.
Will just need to add the brown fabric bands to the sleeves =)

Also small update on the waistcoat, i did a very quick mock-up using some left over fabric, didn't take long at all although i will need to make a few adjustments. I'm waiting for the shirt to arrive before making the real one so that I know how it will look etc. [Don't want to end up wasting fabric ^^']

But it really won't take longer than an hour to make i'm sure! =)

12th May 2011: FINALLY HAS FABRIC Ahhh I can't believe how annoying it has been to find the right colour fabric for Chou'un's top!! Ive literally looked in fabric shops and online, ordered about 4 samples and still nothing!

However today I got lucky =) Found some in a fabric store in Basingstoke that i'd forgotten was even there. It was a little pricey and still isn't 100& accurate but I really don't care anymore...just want it finished!

Ive just cut the pattern out so shall be making a mock-up tomorrow and hopefully start and finish the whole thing by monday.

Other than that I just need to sew the red tape onto my skirt and the same on my socks and order some gloves and white shirt. Wig arrived about a week after I ordered it! And my dad is working on the Katana for me so this will be done in time for expo =)

27th April 2011: Wig Just ordered this wig from COSPLAY WIG on eBay =)
It wasn't the one I was originally going to get, this one is much longer.
Unfortuently the shorter one won't be back in stock untill June -_-

But its still the same colour and style, just longer length =)
I decided to go for Silver White instead of grey as just think it will look a little nicer and her hair always looks more silvery to me anyway =)

Sweeturk's hairdressing cousin will be cutting/styling this for me since I have NO SKILL whatsoever at cutting wigs >.< I can just about straighten/curl them but thats about my limit ^^' It only really needs the fringe cutting though and possibly some of the I hate long wigs~

Have also ordered a couple fabric samples for her waist-coat top, its been very different trying to find it in the right colour. Hopefully one of the samples will be goooood

13th April 2011: Updates Just a quick update!
I bought a pack of 5 peices of wood (plenty enough for the Katana) Now need to get my hands on a Coping Saw so I can actually cut the thing out! Then will obviously need primer, paint and gloss.

Ive also just ordered a plastic scabbard to use for the Katana, I was planning on making my own out of conduit but realised that all conduit has straight edges, meaning I wouldn't have been able to have a curve in the Katana shape. So i'm just going to modify this one and add the yellow ties. Once I have the scabbard i'll be able to get started on the Kanata itself, i'm going to use the scabbard as a general guide =)

Have also asked Sweeturk to ask his hairdressing cousin if he'll be able to help out with the wig so fingers crossed all will be well =) More progress comming soon!

27th March 2011: SHOES Yeah i'm not gona lie...they aren't the prettyist of things haha but after searching through literally about 200 pages of shoes on ebay these are probably the closest I could find, so will do for now until I find nicer ones...least they look comfortable!

27th March 2011: Stufff So ive bought a pattern for the top, my plan is to make it as a waistcoat with a shirt underneath. Hopefully will work out okay haha

Also bought some red cotton tape/ribbon for all the detailing, red buttons for the top and some red fabric to make the bow. I'm looking to find the right colour fabric for the top now but is proving a little difficult ^^'

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Bambi. - 29th March 2011
Oooooo Can't wait to see this missy! =D

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Raye-chan - 13th April 2011
Looking forward to seeing this! I'm planning Hakufu and I have made a Kanu already ^^

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- - 27th April 2011
Awwww good luck with this!
Your gunna nail it :)

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Anonymous - 2nd June 2011
ah great choun :) it looks good at you

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Moonchild - 4th June 2011
Thanks for the comments guys =)

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- - 5th June 2011
You look great in this!!
Loveeee it!

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Moonchild - 5th June 2011
@SachikoYumi: Thank youuu hun <3 ^^

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Anonymous - 26th October 2011
Oh my God! Well done! :)