Cream the Rabbit + Cheese
Sonic the Hedgehog

Cosplayer: LittlePidgey4

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2010: Dress Finished I had tried making a dress with leftover red material I had but I had to get more since the measurements I was using made it too small. This time I got a big t-shirt of mine for how wide I'd want it to be and drew a pattern on the red material out of that. Then I cut out two pieces, and pinned them together so I could try it on and cut it down if necessary. Then I just sewed it together, hemmed it and turned it inside-out.

20th October 2010: Tie Finished This was really basic to make. First I got my old school tie and put it on to see if it would be big enough. Then I used the measurement of how long it is for the length of this tie. I cut out two long shapes from blue material (which I found in the scrap pile of Fabric Land, yay), sewed them together, turned it inside out, and sealed.

18th October 2010: Shoes Finished These were started and done within a day since I had no Uni work to do anyway. I cut the tops off 'slipper' boots and then got red material and positioned it round the shoe so it would seam at the back. It was hemmed while sewn to the bottom and sewn around the inside of the mouth. Then I got yellow felt and pinned it in position to cut out and sew on the shape. I also glued in yellow felt strips to hide the red frays in the inside of the mouth.

17th October 2010: Cheese Finished So all the different body pieces were sewn together mostly using a curved needle. The head was a challenge to attach to the body. I decided I needed to unstich the back of the head, un-stuff some of it, cut off some of the felt, then seal it back up to make the head smaller since it was really bulky at the back. In the end I used mostly glue to attach the head to the body since sewing it was just not working, and then I also glued on a small strip of matching blue felt around the neck to secure it a bit more and hide the glued parts. Then the bow was sewn on no problem.

Anyway, I'm glad how big this has turned out.

14th October 2010: Gloves Finished These were done real quick while watching Mock the Week. Basically stretched the wrist of each glove with my DS and sewed a button in.

It was a hassle getting gloves though. I bought 2 pairs from eBay, 1 pair turned out glittery in real life (o__O) and the other pair were alright but very thick. But then I found a good pair in Primark for £1. Lovely jubbly.

14th October 2010: Cheese Progress Finished making the rest of the body parts, and the tail and wings have been added to the body. When I was making the body part I was worried it was going to be too small for the massive head. But I positioned all the parts together and it doesn't look that bad. So also the tips of the head, arms, and feet have been painted with yellow fabric paint and are now drying overnight.

11th October 2010: Cheese Progress Made the bow and the wings now. And the feet, arms, tail, and body are cut out and ready to be sewn together on the machine.

7th October 2010: Cheese Started Started with the head. Used the general making a plush method where you cut out 4 shapes to make a round head. Those are sewn together, then it's stuffed, then it's sealed. I cut out the different coloured bits of the eyes and glued them on as I'm not that worried about it fraying. Then I drew on the mouth. The floating ball was added by making the plush ball and then slitting and gluing in a transparent straw.

I like how it's come out quite big so my Chao might be to scale with me. :)

4th October 2010: Tail Finished First I cut out the shapes needed to make a small sphere plush. They were sewn together, and the tip was sewn on before I stuffed it. Then I used a sealing stitch and added the safety pins.

1st October 2010: Shirt Finished I got an old school shirt that was smallish so the collar wasn't too loose. Then it was basically cutting off the sleeves and heming them at the shoulders, and then cutting the shirt and hemming so it was shorter and wouldn't come down longer than the dress.

30th August 2010: Hat Finished So I made the ears and sewed them in when sewing the hat together. I threaded the wire through to make the ears perk up, and I attached another cream layer of felt in the back to cover the wire. Then I sewed on the cream rim, and then attached the cream tips on the back and the orange stripe.

28th August 2010: Hat Started I'm excited and eager to get this costume done by the end of October, where I'll hopefully be going both Saturday and Sunday to the MCM Expo. ^^

Bought a bunch of supplies I need and started with the hat. Using the same method as I did with my Dedede hat, except this one is made out of felt than fleece; I hope it still works. ^^;;

So far I've also cut out two rectangles which will be sewn together to make the rim of the hat, made the rough wire frame for the top of the ears, cut out and pinned together the shapes for the ears, and made a rough shape for the pink of the ear.

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 25th August 2010
This is gonna look so adorable on you >w<

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Clover-tan - 27th August 2010
This is gonna look so cute~! >w< <3 I'd really like to see it complete~! ^^

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alytheluvly - 8th October 2010
awww cheese looks adorable <3

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 17th October 2010

GoldieNeko avatar

GoldieNeko - 17th October 2010
XD EEEEEEEEEEEEEE Can't wait to see this come Expo! *squeels with delight*

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Darkiekun - 18th October 2010
Cute ^0^ I want that Cheese plushie XD So cute 8D Can't wait to see this at Expo!

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LittlePidgey4 - 18th October 2010
I'm happy that I'm getting people squee-ing at this. :D

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Anonymous - 2nd November 2010
Saw you at the Expo: but wasn't quick enough to grab a picture. You looked epic...*hugs Cheese*

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Anonymous - 18th December 2010
Zomgg, I remember when I used to play this on the original xbox. :'D

This is so cute. :)

pokemonranger avatar

pokemonranger - 3rd January 2011
i remembers you i think i still has a photo of you somewhere

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Cosmic⋆Star - 7th January 2011
Saw you at Expo. You were fantastic! ^_^

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cowiee - 5th March 2011
Aawww, you look incredibly cute! ~