Cosplayer: visiting_wizard

Variant: New Excaliber

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

6th September 2011: blue I got fed up of trying to find the right top to alter for this so I am now making my own out of some stretchy fabric I had left over from Hecates cloak! This means I had to buy blue fabric dye but hopefully also means it will look accurate. (as soon as I figure out how I'm going to do the star! :/)

P.s: here's hoping I tone up enough by end of October to feel confident wearing this!

27th June 2011: In Progress I've finally managed to make a start on this! I've got the trousers under way and I've tested the hair dye...still need the fabric for the top though and I haven't yet found a suitable black jacket!

Know avatar

Know - 27th March 2011

DrunkleyCP avatar

DrunkleyCP - 17th June 2011

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 27th June 2011
Good show! great progress!

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Anonymous - 12th July 2011
Wow, you really suit your hair like that. Also, love your glasses. :) Dazzler is a fantastic character, more love to the more obscure mututants!

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Newdles - 16th October 2011
Can't wait to see this at Expo :-)

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Numta - 18th December 2011
Looking awesome so far! =D

can't wait to see it finished =]

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Know - 20th February 2012
hey hey you bringing this to LFCC?

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visiting_wizard - 26th March 2012
When is LFCC? Not sure if I can afford to go or not! If I can then I could get cracking on finishing this. :3

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Know - 16th May 2012
6th to 8th of july ^^