Sol Badguy
Guilty Gear

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

Group Masquerade Prize

3rd March 2005: Huge hair! Shame I didn't get a photo when it was first spiked up, I ended up looking like an 80's rock star instead.
Super comfy to wear, and a great excuse to be a complete tomboy. There were plans to pick Dizzy (Delusional) up and run out of the masquerade, but I'm the wussiest Sol ever.

I used 1cm foam in the headband and shoe tongues and spent an age sewing pleather into belts and riveting all the holes. Everything is basic cotton suiting fabric with satin bias for a contrast.
The belt panel was funky foam sprayed gunmetal silver and then sealed with a varnish. This made all the difference and although the foam developed a few crease lines, the paint never cracked or flaked.

The buckles were a pain to track down; I eventually found some great ones online at a carthorse tack supplier. They weigh a tonne, but were only £2 each for the largest and really made the costume, no girly buckles for Sol ^-^

I think my two leg straps should have been wider, but that's my only annoyance, so a pretty good result!

I also made the Ky Kiske costume as a present for Spunky, he makes a fantastic Ky ^-^ Made in the same methods/fabrics as Sol with the addition of 1cm foam arm guards and some fimo button details on the coat (superglued poppers to the back).
I found that I'm far neater when sewing for others and it's so much easier to tailor to someone else. Being able to stand back and see what needs changing makes a world of difference.

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Anonymous - 31st October 2007
Oh wow! This is so cool! I envy anyone who can make their costume from scratch! And you made Ky's costume too!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I wish I could have that!!!! *green with envy*

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SherlockHulmes - 10th November 2007
This costumes marks the total reversal of yours and Kats role in duo cosplay.
You were the crossdresser and she was the scantly dressed skank. :P

Always regretted missing this, Kat would of had ENDLESS mocking. XD

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Anonymous - 28th July 2008
Oh so amazing!! :DD I love this! Sol needs more love. Well actually I don't think he actively needs it but you know what I mean! *bad ass thumbs up gesture etc XD* amazing costume!! x

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Captain_Marvelous - 4th December 2008
wow you have to let me know how you made this, its one of my cossies for fuyucon 09 and im totaly stumped O_o yours looks amazing......SLASH!!!...sorry O_o

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Amy-Lou - 9th December 2008
The girliest manly man rendition of Sol ever! And yes, a rare chance to see Kat as a girl :O

Thanks for the Sol love guys :D

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Anonymous - 14th February 2009
Volcanic Vipahhh'! You seriously look badass. =P perfect costume too!

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Missytetra - 26th February 2009
You look great hun, good job! ^__^

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cowiee - 21st February 2011
Bad ass!

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ChibiMatsu - 22nd March 2014