JKMM (Midnight Navy)

Cosplayer: xPixieSoulx

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th March 2011: baaah I hate sleeeeeves. I really do..but it has to be done.|:

9th March 2011: I can do this. So.. It's promising now, I found the best possible thing I could get for Green straps T___T;;
Even if it has a weird thin black stripe effect. It'll work. I'll just keep telling myself this. I have pretty much all the bits and bobs, down fall is I couldn't find metal buckles, there black, so I'll paint them silver!

Construction of this will be intersting. D:

2nd March 2011: Testo. This won't be the goggles or Wig I'll use.
Just roughy restyled my Ulquiorra wig and used Tais goggles and contacts for this.

2nd March 2011: Start. So.. my hat and scarf has arrived. C:
Searching how I'll do the harness.. It's proven rather tough findingin anything close to it and without costing a bomb so I might look in to making it.