Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Cosplayer: callmemilo

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th February 2012: Frock Coat Build - Fabrics After a great deal of research and eBay scouring, I've ordered the fabrics I'm gonna use to make my own Jack Sparrow frock coat. Like the waistcoat, ordering one is extraordinarily pricey, and given how much money I've spent lately, I think this is another part of the costume I should at least try to make myself.

The fabrics cost £40 altogether, 5m of each, which is probably overkill, but that's the quantity they came in, and better to have more and not need it than less and not have it.

30th July 2011: Embroidered OST Waistcoat I've spend the past month or so tracking down the right pieces to sew my own accurate OST waistcoat, and after ages thinking the only option open to me was to paint the embroidery onto plain fabric, I found a seller that makes a near perfect embroidered silk, that is actually used by the Jacks at Disneyland! I've placed my order, and should have the fabric in hand in a couple weeks, at which point I can lay out patterns and start piecing this beauty together. Wish me luck!

13th April 2011: Jack's 2nd pistol Contrary to popular belief, Jack's 2nd flintlock isn't all that similar to the original. In fact the only similarily is the face on the butt-cap (must stop giggling). It's more of a narrow shape throughout. So I've ordered this plastic toy pirate pistol, and I'll spend a day modifying the hell out of it, lol.

4th April 2011: Progress Report #1 Got a new full-leather OST tricorn being made by a nice fella called "UpNorthJack", and have ordered leather binding that I'll be glueing to my new homemade baldric! :)

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Captain_Marvelous - 27th February 2011
Wow is that a replica kit or are you kitbashing it from other stuff?

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callmemilo - 27th February 2011
The flintlock? It's the toy version with alot of work done to it. I used Milliput to fill in holes and create missing parts, and a dremel to bore out a hole in the end and do all the engraving work. Then I've hit it all with a coat of primer. :)

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Captain_Marvelous - 27th February 2011
sounds great! I use Milliput myself on a few things, it looks really good! the grey primer threw me off as im doing a gun kit myself right now and its the same colour XD

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Kerhys - 12th May 2011
So looking forward to seeing your Captain Jack again! :D

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Manjou - 14th May 2011
Saw you guys in the paper, you all looked radical ^_^

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FuriePhoenix - 31st May 2011

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amyjane-beanmachine - 20th August 2011
You make the best cpt. Jack *ever* :') its all so well done!! I wanna sit you on my shelf for all to see! :3 heheh