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21st September 2010: Mallet Finished So after putting on the strips of wallpaper paper, it took several days to apply all the layers of paint and getting it right. Drawing on the black marker lines along the barrel and around the star pattern really helped.

1st September 2010: Mallet Progress OK, so we tried putting tape round the seams but it came out all crinkled and crap so we took it off and tried this different method. We put on this wallpaper-like paper over it in strips going vertically. Which is good since the design is like that anyway, and I'll just draw black marker over the seams after I've painted all of it.

So that's all been smoothed down and is drying, and I've also drawn the star patterns on the top and bottom ready for when I paint it. It's dying to get some colour! D:

30th August 2010: Mallet Progress So the other two tubs and lids have been glued onto the sides with some surprisingly strong PVA glue and filler glue. Filler was also put in round where the lids went as they left some gaps. Plumbing filler was also put in round where the handle has gone.

I tried putting some paper-mache round one of the seams but it didn't come out as smooth as I wanted and the tubs are held together well enough without it, so my Dad and I are going to put on tape round it as smooth as possible, and then paint on some special stuff over that so it can be painted over.

28th August 2010: Mallet Started I did start work on one before this made out of cardboard tubes and tubs and using sticky tape and paper-mache to keep it together, but it was turning to shit so I destroyed it and thought of another method.

I had seen these paper-mache circular tubs and bought three big ones to make the body, and using two of the lids to make the ends. My Dad then thought up ideas on how to get the handle in and keep it secure. After talking about it for ages, we've now actually put the ideas into action.

First the old broom handle was cut into its correct length, and it was sanded down so it can be painted on. Then the middle tub was identified and a hole with flaps was made for the handle to go into. It was pushed all the way in and got a hole and screw drilled into it to keep it held there. We then added more insulation and structure with bendy stuff used for packaging. Three layers were used, curved round and with slits cut out of them so it could go round the handle. Extra stuffing was used for small gaps and a circle from a spare lid was glued on to help keep it in. Clamps were put on to hold it in place and it's now drying.

The stuffing stuff is light, so the hammer won't be heavy when I'm heaving it round the Excel Centre. XD

Next is to maybe fill in any gaps, and then to glue and paper-mache on the other tubs and lids to make the whole hammer. After that will be painting.

20th August 2010: Coat Finished I used the orange material from a t-shirt and the white material from previously bought white material for the back symbol. I cut out the shapes and made various folds around the shape to aid in hemming. I pinned the 'bunny' peace sign to the orange circle and sewed on, then I sewed that onto the back of the coat.

I also did a bit of extra sewing to the seams at the shoulders and also ironed and used a lint-roller to clean it up. :)

So now I actually have a costume but I want the mallet aswell so me and my Dad will be working on that.

16th August 2010: Coat Progress I've finished the white trim around the coat and on the cuffs! The cuffs took a while since I decided to sew them on by hand. The rest of the trim was easy since I got an awesome new Brother sewing machine. :D First I measured how long it was all the way round. Then I split the measurements into four to make trim for the different areas of the coat (top, bottom, and two sides). Then I pinned and sewed them on included hems. It does all have a white trim on it, I just didn't get the whole coat in the photo. Also the white trim has given me sufficient support on my shoulders. :)

The last things I need to do is add the 'bunny' peace sign on the back, then clean up any bits with any extra sewing or glueing, ironing, and then running a lint roller over it to get it clean and get any little bits off.

At the moment, this can double as a Santa coat.

1st August 2010: Coat Progress So I sewed the arm pieces on to the main body first by sewing it round onto the shoulder, and then sealing up the arm into the cylinder shape.

But after trying the coat on I found out I didn't give the main body enough shoulder. I cut down the tops of the side parts since with arms it was too big over the front. Next I need to add the white trim and I'm hoping it will add more to around the neck and shoulders.

26th July 2010: Coat Progress This is the biggest garment I've ever tried making.

First I got measurements for the different pieces by measuring my dressing gown, since that's how big I'd like it to be on me. I then cut out the back, two front, and two arm pieces from the same red material I used for the hat.

I sewed each front piece to the back and pressed the seams. I then cut the front pieces down to make them shorter along the width. Next I have to put the arms on which I've never done before. The closest I've done is sewn zips to shoulders.

17th July 2010: Trousers Bought I got these royal blue nurses' trousers from eBay. They don't exactly match the blue of the shirt, but I like the colour anyway. They're able to go over the shoes to cover the seams so that's good. They're a tad long but I think the lower size wouldn't have fit me, so I'll have to make do with this. I'll either wear them higher if I can or roll them up a bit, or even cut the bottom off a bit. I see into that later when I've finished the coat and mallet.

12th July 2010: Shoes Finished Before I started work on the shoes, I did attempt making the hammer out of various containers for the shapes, cardboard, and paper mache. After I had covered the whole thing in paper mache twice, I decided that it wasn't strong enough since the handle wobbled and that it wasn't very smooth around the main part. So I'm going to try again using round paper mache boxes and an old broom handle my Dad found. :)

Anyway, I got a pair of those soft boots for the shoes, but it would have been less work to get slippers that went up to the ankle, but never mind. So I made patterns out of baking paper, then pinned on the fabric shapes and sewed them on, doing the one at the top of the boot first. For this I used a curved needle since I found that the strongest and easiest to use for this, then to finish I glued on the remaining material at the bottom to the soles.

I'll be wearing trousers with this, so the seam around the middle shouldn't show, but I covered the whole shoe just incase my trousers ride up at any time or something.

15th June 2010: Mittens Finished Dead simple. Traced around my hand for a mitten shape with seam allowance and wide wrist space, cut out 2 pieces for each hand, then sewed them together and turned inside-out. The left mitten is a tad tight for getting on, but it gets on and wears fine.

I now have nothing else to make unless I get more supplies.

14th June 2010: Shirt Finished After finishing the painting and taking the masking tape off (and also using some white fabric paint for where I had got some on the white areas) I pinned the pattern onto the shirt and sewed it on with the best part showing on the front. I bit more painting had to be done to clean it up a bit, but I am still on the first 45ml pot for each colour. :D

I also realised the other day that I can use that dressing gown behind me for the measurements for my coat.

9th June 2010: Shirt Progress I've measured how high and wide I want the white band go around the t-shirt, cut out the rectangle, hemmed the edges and then added masking tape to get the crisp lines at the top and bottom. I've also positioned masking tape to paint in the yellow triangle shapes, and after they dry, I start on the next. After 2 or 3 yellows I started on the reds using a thin paintbrush for the straight lines against the yellow.

I'm also quite surprised how I'm still on the first small pot of fabric paint I have for each colour.

9th June 2010: Hat Finished After buying the majority of material I need for this costume, I went ahead and started work on it. For the hat I used the tutorial by clearkid on DeviantART ( and then added on the extras. It's my first time making a hat and this has turned out quite well. :)

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 27th July 2010
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! This is awesome :)

alytheluvly avatar

alytheluvly - 24th September 2010
Just looked at your journal ... my god this costume is awesome!! :O
The coat looks quite snuggly!

LittlePidgey4 avatar

LittlePidgey4 - 24th September 2010
It is indeed quite snuggly! I am going to quite warm inside! :D

picklesofdoom avatar

picklesofdoom - 21st October 2010
LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it all together at Expo :3

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 3rd November 2010

You looked so SRS BUSINESS on the stage, it was awesome to watch <3

Sakurastar123 avatar

Sakurastar123 - 7th November 2010
I loved your costume at expo!