Predator (Influenced)

Cosplayer: xxmomoxx

Variant: AVP figurine

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th March 2011: Sholder Cannon In the middle of making this beast. It is basicaly an ice cream tub coverd with shaped foam with some flexie hoover tube suck in the top and a toy water gun stuck in the tube, its like a blue peter make lol

20th March 2011: Spear I was originaly going to make a plain old spear but I thought thats to easy I want work that will make me pull my hair out while I stress over it.
I wanted to make it collapsable just like Predators one three months it took planning this bi*ch and alot of failed attemps then it hit me, mops!!
My grandmother has these floor mops that have a sponge one end and this this thing that you slide down to wring it out, I wasnt iterested in that it was the handel I liked, it was ajustable and locked in positions and very light. So I brought 2 mops chopped the mop bit off and stuck the two handels together. I made the handel bit out of leatherette and added detail using card and good old paper mache. Its big and it gets bigger just how I like it. Still need to paint and add detail

20th March 2011: Arm Gauntlets I was having trubble with these. I started to make them from scratch but with all the detail on them I would end up spending a bomb on 3d paint and foam lol. I brought a pair of ancy dress Predator gloves, when they came they were frankly rubbish. They were all floppy and twisted, so I modified them. I cut off the hands so I just had the gauntlet bits and slipped them over my foam ones I sharted to make because they had the shape I wanted. I still need to insert the blades tho

14th March 2011: Wig Finished Following the fantastic tutorial on Cosplay Island on how to style wigs I set to work. I made holes in the lace between each weft on the wig and threded the braid through and glued the braid on the inside of the wig (looks like frankinstine but you dont see that part lol). The wig is oviusly now to heavy to stay on my head so Ive sown wig clips around the head band. Ive used a black perminant marker to give low lights to the wig...failed lol. I brought all the hair insept of the braids up into a high pony tail. I then loosly put the braids up leving loops. I left a cupple down at the back and wrapped one around the pony tail to hide the elastic band. I cut out strips of silver card and wrapped them around the braids to give that beaded look predator has. I made a bandanna out of green material and done. Now that I look at it, it looks allot like LuLu's hair from Final Fantasy 10, which made me cry I could have brought the damn thing and not taken off my finger prints in the process lol

8th March 2011: Wig Machiko has numerous looks when it comes to hair. When I think Predator I think dreads but I dont fancy the full head of dreads look. So Im using a a brown wavy wig from a previous cosplay and altering it. I brought this hair brid extension stuff off ebay. When it arrived it was 80" of crimped hair so Ive braided the hair my self and cut each individual braid off and sealed the end. Im now attaching them to my wig and thinking about my next step. Ive brought some wire mesh which Im going to cut into strips and wrap around my braids to make those beads bredator has running down his dreads. The braids are allot loger than the wig hair so Im thinking about doing a hair style simalar to Rikku from Final Fantasy 10-2. The braids are a darker brown than my wig but It looks cool with the two tones so I might put stripes of black through the wig to make it blend in.

8th March 2011: Leather Nickers I realy need to update my pictures. Ive made some green hotpants. The figurine Im following she wears hotpants under some leather nickers (Underwear on the outside of the clothes very mavel lol). I brought a large sheet of brown letherette, fantastic stuff has the look of leather but dead cheap and easy to work with. So I made a pair of brifes with it and hot glued them to my hotpants, to keep them up.
Ive also made the straps which go around the waist. She has these cool looking metal rings on the straps so I brought a set of metal curtain rings and they work fine. To add detail ive stuck some paper pins through the leatherette to make it look like studs and suprisingly its worked well, it just adds that kick to it.
I did start to make these leather hold ups but leatherette has no give in it and to make something like tight fitting hold ups have proved to be a right pin in the ass, so Ive had a brain wave Ive brought some brown wetlook leggings off ebay Im going to hack them up to make my hold ups and with the strechness of leggings hopefuly it will look cool

13th February 2011: Machiko Armour Bust Ive sealed it took about 12 layers, alot of work but worth it when I painted it with acrylic paint it went on realy well. I gave it two coats of silver paint then put a mixture of black and a dark green in the corners then wiped it off with some kitchen roll. This adds a kind of weatherd effect rather than just a plastic look. Ive assebled it using an all purpouse glue which is between pva and super glue. It sticks every thing together from china to fabric so it works well when binding difficult materials. I still have to paint the reverse silver, to keep up apperances and polish it then its done.

6th February 2011: Sealing This is so boring! Im sealing and strengthing the armour. Ive glued mateial to the back using normal pva glue. The material was some old curtains.
Im now coating the armour with a mixture between pva, fabric and water.I have to coat it untill it stops soaking in...Im on my 7th coat lol

4th February 2011: 3D Paint and Boddy socking I've applied my paint...badly. I soon found out that I haven't got the steadiest of hands so each section is different. To cover the fact I couldn't pipe the design twice lol. I've also brought a fence net body stocking to go under the armour. You wouldn't believe how hard one is to get one without it being crotchless. I mean WTF? Theres no need for them to be crotchless the holes are big enough all ready. The neck line is lower than I wanted but I can cope

28th January 2011: 3D Paint Ive found this stuff on eBay. Its 3D Fabric paint.Im going to use it to create raised detail on the armour...hopefully.

27th January 2011: Machiko Armour Bust and Hip I cut out the basic shapes out of paper for the torso armour and the armour she has on her waist. I arranged them on my manaquin to make sure pices fit right. The torso armour basically consits of the bust (like a bra) and layered leafs of armour from the bust to the waist. The Hip Armour has the same layed leafs down the thigh. Armour for the sholder one side once again layer leafs and the other just a large sholder pad type thing. Im making the armour out of foam (If I had the skill or the money to make it out of plastic I would but Ive seen alot of armour made out of foam or paper machee and it looks fantastic). Ive brought a foam camping mat for my foam, which works really well because Ive theres lots of the material and its the right thickness. Ive used my paper cut outs as templates on the foam. Next I needed to mould the armour into shape which I just heated over the cooker to warm it up (being careful not to burn or melt it)then moulding it around the manaquinn to get the desired shape. Ive now reasebled my armour. And doodled some designs to put on the armour on the paper cut outs to transfur on to the foam

FangGirl avatar

FangGirl - 27th January 2011
Oh Awesome, this should be good, good luck and can't wait to see it :)

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 27th January 2011
this should be interesting ^^

Kitticus avatar

Kitticus - 27th January 2011
I look forward to seeing this!. It looks like a really interesting intricute design ^^

Numta avatar

Numta - 4th February 2011
This looks epic and the progress is coming along rather quickly!

Well done!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 4th February 2011
Wow, Machiko.. havent seen a cosplay of her yet.
Great progress on this already. I look forward to seeing it at May Expo.

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Metamorphica Cosplay - 5th February 2011
ooh love Machiko!!!! looking forward to seeing this at Expo!

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Inuyoku - 13th February 2011
Looks awesome so far x

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PapercutPerfect - 13th February 2011
Looks amazing!

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Yes-My-Lord - 13th February 2011
ah wow, the armour looks amazing!
Can't wait to see this finished!
Good luck :)

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Moonchild - 13th February 2011
Looking awesome so far!
The armour looks incredible too!

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Kacela - 13th February 2011
The work on the armour is incredible! Cannot wait to see this finished!

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FruityKyuubi - 20th March 2011
HOLY CHIZ! This is Incredible.

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- - 20th March 2011
This is looking extremely brilliant!

I just lovvve the detail!

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alienqueen - 2nd April 2011
Wow you have talent! Can't wait to see this! its brilliant!

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Sephirayne - 2nd April 2011
Wow! This is looking so epic. Love the work of the armour. Very impressive.

xxmomoxx avatar

xxmomoxx - 3rd April 2011
To everyone who has left a comment.
Thank you for all your kind words. 3 months on and nearly finished. If it wasnt for all of your comments I wouldn't have made it this long with out such a positive outlook for it.
Thank you

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 3rd April 2011
Wow amazing! ..Incredible in fact! :O

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Mangamad - 3rd April 2011
The armour looks very VERY impressive. O,O!<

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Ranma1-2 - 18th April 2011
Looking forward to seeing this at the London Expo. :)

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MangaChild - 22nd April 2011
I like your original take on this costume and cant wait to see it finished :D

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Dragonkid01 - 28th April 2011

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Rain - 8th May 2011
Looks amazing!! *_*

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No thanks - 9th May 2011

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Metamorphica Cosplay - 9th May 2011
ooh ill be looking for you to get a photo! great costume

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nanahara - 9th May 2011
EPIC XD, I so need to get a photo of you

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Numta - 9th May 2011

Seriously well done!

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sjbonnar - 10th May 2011
This looks fantastic!

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ToroSonyCat - 4th August 2011
Wow, looks amazing so far!

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Mangamad - 2nd September 2011
Looking good so far. Keep it up. ^^b

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FangGirl - 28th December 2011
one word:
Looks great well done.