BSAA Soldier
Resident Evil 5

Cosplayer: Leadmill

Variant: Alpha Team

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd February 2011: CIRAS Tactical Vest 2 Two EMT medic pouches were added, along with a tan radio holster. A triple 40mm was then secured to the top of the vest.

2nd February 2011: CIRAS Tactical Vest 1 CIRAS tactical vest arrived. I then added two twin 5.56mm mag pouches, and an admin pouch to the front.

lycaneyes avatar

lycaneyes - 12th March 2011
never thought i'd see this, Nice choice what day at kita are you doing this as i will be bsaa chris on one of the days

hope to see this soon

Leadmill avatar

Leadmill - 15th March 2011
Been postponed until London Expo now. Will be on stage with's Battlesuit Jill.

lycaneyes avatar

lycaneyes - 15th March 2011
sweet i will be doing bsaa chris again but with a built muscle suit in may (as my arms aren't the size of two small children)

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 31st May 2011
Is that the photo I took? Would you mind crediting please.
Good work as always.