Cosplayer: Nachtangel

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th April 2011: MCM Change of plans with Expo line up and Psyche will be taking Gum's place.
I've already got most things for him, I just need to put it all together ^_^
Had some trouble with the contacts, they catch on my eyelid so I'm having to send them back which is kinda annoying, but hopefully I'll have some better ones soon.
Expect progress pics of this soon :)

16th March 2011: Contacts and Coat While not doing my work at college I bought some contacts for Psyche today, I decided to just go with plain pink ones as I couldn't find ones like the one that cosplayer had, but hey, the ones I got glow under UV!
I've also just bought a Chef coat to customise for Psyche, I did really want a coat, so that I could wear it out but I couldn't find one that was the right style, and chef whites are just perfect for it, so I should be working on this soon, even though I need to work on Xbox and Gum XD

5th January 2011: Contacts I saw a photo of an amazing Psyche cosplay, but they weren't wearing plain pink contacts they were wearing ones like this (seepic) but pink, and it looked really good, so what do you guys think, just full pink or should I try and find some like the ones they had? - theres the photo, what do you guys think?

Izzy Cosplay avatar

Izzy Cosplay - 6th May 2011
Ahhh! It looks awesome!