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"By the Power of Grayskull" award, Minamicon 17

17th March 2011: Sword, finished ...well. I may, if I have the impetus, fancify this sword further at some point. But it's certainly finished in terms of ready-for-Minamicon-ness; still looks a bit too like a giant cheese-knife but at least it's a somewhat decorative one. :P

(Pez's Sigmund sword is so very pretty. I have sword envy.)

13th March 2011: Sword, fixes Wore this to Bunkasai and it didn't fall apart too much but I was a bit dubious about some of the armour (kept shifting and making unnerving-rivets-coming-apart noises. Solution: HOT GLUE FRENZY OMG.

Also, I am making a sword for this, to take to Minami!

The base of the sword is a plastic cricket bat (handy for the hilt!). I cut a hole in the bottom of the bat and slid two bamboo rods up right into the top of the handle, to get the length I needed (with cardboard around the lower half of the bamboo to give the right shape). Then, after all of that was hot-glued together, I glued it inside the foam casing I'd made.

There's currently only a tiny bit of effort at a hilt guard--Edward's sword doesn't really have much of one, so it's basically just a ring of extra foam where the hilt meets the blade. I need to insert some pieces down into the top (so the join between foam and bat is better hidden) but that will have to be glued in after I wrap some fake-leather around the grip.

Currently it looks like a giant cheese knife. :D I need to seal and paint the blade, wrap leather around the grip, and add in those bits in the hilt-guard (and seal+paint those, too).

I will probably want to add more decorative bits afterwards, but I need to touch-up the armour a bit and check that the other costumes I'm taking to Minami are good to go, so it may have to be a rather boring giant cheese knife. :P

5th March 2011: Wig and velcro complete ...and that is that. It's finished!

(so tired! wig hair everywhere! need to try it all on!)

(...and oh god we entered the ECG and I need to actually rehearse on the off-chance we get through. Eee.)

4th March 2011: Elbow armour complete Well, it took some epic bending-of-foam and glue, but the last two armour pieces are done.

The reference pictures seemed pretty clear that the overlay was in several overlapping bits on these (rather than one continuous piece of overlay, as in all the other pices). So, lots of bits of foam were cut out, sanded, sealed, buffed, sealed again, and then carefully layered up and glued onto the base in as close to the right order as I could manage.

(Edward's elbows are wider than mine, so my pattern's a bit more compressed sideways than his. But I think mine is pretty anyway.)

The straps were a bit awkward to do (in terms of having something that would fasten and keep the elbow piece in place) until I ditched the idea of a full around-arm strap and just glued the buckle and the other end as two separate pieces. That seems to work just fine, with enough hot glue to keep it in place.

I also went and sanded down and re-sealed-and-buffed-and-sealed the edges of the rest of the armour, since it was a bit messy. \o/

All that's left now: sewing velcro to my shirt and then... the wig. Which I haven't even started on yet.

And then tomorrow we wear these to Bunkasai!

4th March 2011: Pictures of cape And here it is!

(Actually, that front picture is of it not *quite* finished--there are now also the leather flaps holding the gold bit in place.)

(And oh, look, there's a Pez in the background of the second one. :D)

3rd March 2011: Cape complete! So, I hate fabric-painting and trying to make things symmetrical. But it's all done now! Looks pretty snazzy too.

(Left to do: wig, fixing on breastplate, elbow patterns and putting straps on those. Should be done for Saturday!)

1st March 2011: Belt - complete So, after much searching I concluded that I wasn't going to find anything that would work for the metal parts of the belt ends. So I made them!

I formed them out of polymorph (using hot water to melt it at first, then a heat gun to resoften when necessary) and then rub-and-buffed them. We had an antique gold around, but that came out quite coppery so I covered that with a layer of Goldfinger wax buff. Once that was dry, I sealed the shapes with a layer of modge-podge.

Given the size of those, they wouldn't fit through the belt loops, so I had to put the belt in place and fasten the belt-ends in situ; don't worry, I did check I could still get into the tunic once this was done!

With that done, I could add the ribbon. And, yeesh, what a production. I tried buying ribbon of the right shade/texture but failed to find anything. Then I tried buying some white cotton webbing (right sort of weight and texture) and dying it the right shade, that also failed (it didn't take the dye at all, despite the fabric shop peeps being pretty certain it would). Eventually I bought some fabric and made 'ribbons' by folding it in half on the wrong side, stitching along one edge, turning it the right way out, and ironing it flat. A lot of effort for two strips of ribbon, but it's the right sort of colour and weight and I CARE.

Then there are little gold fake-leather pieces sewn onto the ends, and the little emblems are painted on. And finally, the belt is done!

26th February 2011: Lower arm armour (process of making) So, the basic principle is to cut out the shape in foam. Since it has patterns on top, I also cut these out of foam. Each was painted separately then glued together into approximately the right shape.

The belts were made from leather straps which were purchased online and buckles also purchased online. It involved epic punching-of-holes, but once that was done then it wasn't hard to fold the strap over and rivet it into the right sort of shape. I also riveted the belts onto the appropriate armour pieces for strength, and the hand pieces are riveted onto the gloves.

Since armour isn't generally *flat*, I used a hairdryer to heat it enough that it was bendable. Once it cooled, it held that shape fairly well. The lowest picture shows all the completed armour so far (minus belts/fastenings).

26th February 2011: Cape, reworking I think I need to rework the cape a bit--the suede piece on the back is sitting wrongly. It wasn't really noticeable until I pinned down the capelet over the top of the suede, but now... it's bugging me.

So what I need to do is just unstitch the satin-stitching along the top right edge, pull the suede over so it sits better, trim the bit that's now extra. Then re-do the satin stitching along that edge. It's a bit of a pain, since I'll also have to remove the lining along the top inside edge and then re-attach it, but it'll be much better once it's done. So that'll be something for this weekend. :D

26th February 2011: Armour, again Pez very awesomely helped me with the paper template for the elbow piece, because I was staring at that curved-and-flared shape going O.o a lot. So now I have to cut that shape out, then work out the pattern overlays once I have the base assembled.

Still not sure how I'm going to attach the breastplate. Perhaps I'll just glue velcro onto it and then sew some to the cream tunic.

As for the rest of the armour: The upper arms are done (including the belts to hold them on), and the lower right arm is done (including belt to hold it on) and the lower right hand piece is riveted to my glove. The lower left arm has yet to be attached to a belt (I need to make it first) and the hand piece just needs riveting onto the appropriate glove.

That means that all the armour stuff left to do is: two elbow pieces to make, three belts to make and attach, one hand piece to rivet into place. Not too horrific, really!

21st February 2011: More armour These are for the armour on the lower arm and the bit of armour on the back of his hand.

I need to cut the pattern out of foam, then will come LOTS OF SANDING. Then modge-podge and painting.

(The breastplate and upper arm armour pieces need a bit of retouching--there was white dust in the last layer of varnish D: so I need to re-paint and revarnish.)

Elbow piece still scares me. How the hell do I make that shape? O.o

21st February 2011: Cape, base all done Good god, so much edging. But the sewing on this is finally done!

Well, at some point I might neaten up the line of navy stitches down the blue trim, since it's a bit patchy. The epic battling with the sewing machine earlier has put me off that for *right* now, however.

All that needs doing on this otherwise is the clasp and painting. \o/

18th February 2011: Still to do Just to break this down into everything that's left... I need to:

Cut and style wig
Tidy up armour (and maybe add extra glue on connections; some pieces are not as stable as I'd like)
Sew velcro to shirt (for breastplate)

...Yeah, I need to get a kick on with these. Whee!

(Editing this as I work through it!)

13th February 2011: Tunic complete! Finished hammering in all the eyelets! A few of them didn't quite sit right, but they've been sewn down carefully (and with only a small amount of blood loss due to me being incompetent and leather needles being VERY SHARP) so it's hard to tell which of them were the problems. :P

Also punched the necessary line of holes around the scalloped edge at the bottom.

That's that complete! The belt isn't complete yet (I need to find (or more probably, make) the triangular belt ends and also the ribbon that ties the ends together) but showing it all together from the front gives an idea of how it looks!

(Looks sort of.. chubby, hanging there. Looks better worn. :) )

13th February 2011: Trousers, finished. Painted the lower half of each trouser leg--couldn't get a fabric paint in *quite* the right colour, so I ended up using a mix of Royal Blue Dylon and the Blue For Darker Fabrics Dylon. Turned out quite well, colourwise, though I am still not great at painting on fabric generally.

I made the ankle belts out of the same leather as I used for the main belt--and Pez and I did a big order of many different buckles/rivets which included the ones I'm using here. It was surprisingly easy to make these, though I was a bit worried I wasn't quite going to have enough leather at first.

When it came time to put them on the trousers, I took another look at Edward's ankles and realised that he has a blue sort of cuff under those belts. Can't believe I didn't notice before! Luckily I had enough of the cape blue suede to make ankle cuffs out of, and they ended up being a good colour match for the fabric paint too. Sewed those on, then sewed the ankle belts into place on top of them.

(pinning through real suede and leather = ow.)

So, the trousers are now all done. Slowly getting there. :)

6th February 2011: More tunic, plus belt! The belt is made from a strip of the navy cape wool folded onto itself and then edged with wide strips of green leather. I then satin-stitched along the inside edge of the lining, since that's what it looks like in the game. It needs the fastening and ribbon added onto either end, of course, but this is the basic belt.

Once I had the belt, I was able to start pinning on the zig-zags and criss-crosses of the leather strips on the tunic. Pushing pins through those layers was really painful.

Then I cut into the tunic and started hammering in the eyelets! There are gold ones above the belt-line and larger silver ones below it.

...and I ran out of the silver eyelets very quickly. Sigh.

Oh well. Another pack of 15 should be enough to finish the lower half, so that should only be one more evening of hammering and craft-knifing and banging my thumb. :D

5th February 2011: Cape 4 The suede was glued into place (after measuring and adjusting it) and I've started satin-stitching around the edge of it. Ran out of thread, though. :S Will work on this again when I have more thread.

I'm not putting the edging on yet; I just attached it to measure against the suede. It'll actually go on with the lining, so not for a while yet.

(And I've put that navy stripe down the edging of the capelet thingy, too).

28th January 2011: Armour 2 Well, having watched Pez and seen how much dust is involved, I'm going to cut out all the bits on all the shapes so I can do a reasonably comprehensive go at sanding down all the edges in one go. :D I've finished the cutting out for the upper arms (not that there was much left to do).

This, then, is the breastplate piece. As with the arm armour, the purple foam is the relief pattern over the navy base (and was a bit of a bitch to a) draw and b) cut out), and this will be rub-n-buffed with the 'Pearl Blue' colour once it's sanded down to a rounded shape and mod-podged to seal the foam. Then more mod-podge over the rub-n-buff.

I still need to cut out the lower arm pieces, the elbow pieces, and the hand pieces before I start sanding and dremeling. But it's fun, so far!

23rd January 2011: Tunic, yet again Sandy suedette all sewn down, and scalloping cut into the base of it.

The tunic doesn't have *that* much more to be done before it's done, really. What I need to do next is punch holes out in the appropriate points in the sand straps and the tunic (including in the scalloping at the base) and in the leather straps, and then hammer in the eyelets to join it all together.

23rd January 2011: Trousers 2 Trousers again--I've not yet hemmed them, but I've finished the waistline, added buttons and tested the blue fabric paint on some scrap fabric.

The blue pattern on the front of each shin is going to be interesting to do, but it'll be an interesting change from stitching. I think I may water this blue down a little, though--it doesn't need to be quite this vivid.

23rd January 2011: Cape 3 The next step was to cut out and add the blue patches on the cape. I've used real dyed-blue suede for these, which is expensive and only available in small irregular-hide-shaped pieces, so I made templates from calico again before cutting out the actual suede.

These'll be glued down in place (pins will make the suede pucker) then I'll satin-stitch around the edge of each piece in a light blue (same colour as the edge for the whole cape).

At that point will come fabric painting--the gold swirls on the front and somehow doing the rest of the light-blue stitching all over the back and the collar flaps. Which may involve hand-satin-stitching, ugh.

As for the steps after this: I've made and sewn together the lining for the cape already. The double-stripe of blue at the bottom edge of the cape will be made as it was for the secondary band-cape-collar-thing, but with a wider strip of bias binding. The lining will be joined to the cape at the bottom by that bias binding.

Damned boys, why is every piece of clothing so complicated. :P

23rd January 2011: Cape 2 Edward's cape has, as well as the jaunty little folds of the collar, a sort of secondary collar-cape-band thing which sits under the fold of the actual collar. This is edged in a narrowish light blue double-stripe (I'll satin-stitch a navy stripe down the middle of the light blue later on. :P).

After I made it, I was struck by quite how much the cape looked like a nurse's cape at this point. Oh well, at least it's only temporary.

23rd January 2011: Cape 1 First step for the cape was to make a calico pattern so I got the shape right (didn't want to experiment on the expensive stuff!). I used the cape pattern from the cloak pattern set I'm using to make the Queen from Snow White, in fact, so I didn't even have to improvise too much. After that I cut out the pattern from a navy wool, and stitched it together.

17th January 2011: Trousers 1 Edward's trousers are a deep blue-purple, with blue patterning on the shins and green leather belts around the ankles. *Tasteful* colour choices.

To get fabric the right colour, I ended up using sheet cotton for the trousers--I'd have preferred something a bit heavier, but hey, at least it's easy to cut and work with, and I won't overheat. They're lined, at least (in a nicely similar colour), so they hopefully won't be too flimsy-looking. I've run out of thread in the right colour, unfortunately. Once I restock, I can finish the construction; then I'll paint the patterns onto the shins and add the belts.

17th January 2011: Armour 1 Starting on the armour--first piece to make is the bits for the upper arm, which peek out from under the edge of the cape. Nice and simple, in theory!

I've just out the pieces from navy craft foam with the relief made from purple craft foam. I'll have to dremel+sand these pieces, and then they'll be painted with Modge Podge and then rubbed with Rub 'n' Buff (I've ordered sapphire and blue pearl rub 'n' buffs; if the pearl looks wrong I'll just switch to silver. The art's not consistent with that relief colour.)

8th January 2011: Edging the blue tunic It's taking me quite a while to make the blue tunic really; I keep fussing over the spacing. This edging is the stuff that broke so many needles, but I bought more of the heavy-gauge needles today so hopefully that should solve the problem!

I also got material for Edward's pants!

7th January 2011: It's rebelling! Just broke three needles in a row trying to sew the sandy edging onto Edward's blue tunic!

(And I've only done around the armholes and the vertical edges--I've still got all the horizontal bits to put on. Think I'll buy more of my heavier-gauge needles tomorrow. O.o)

1st January 2011: Blue tunic - progress Lots of darting and adjusting and trying it on and adjusting again. :) But the base of the blue tunic is all finished; now to add all the sandy suede and the brown leather criss-crossing and the eyelets... (damn these JRPG types and their fancy outfits!)

1st January 2011: Tunic - more progress Tunic is getting there--the green edging is all done, and the base of the embroidery (most of his embroidery is actually just one line near the edging; those fancy bits at the collar and base just branch off it.)

And the chainmail mesh sleeves are done and attached--reinforced stretch stitch FTW!

So, still needed: the hooks and eyes (which I need to buy); the rest of the embroidery (I think I need to get used to this machine before I try the complicated bits!) and... no, that's it for the white tunic. Awesome.

1st January 2011: Fabric cutting (oops, didn't attach a pic for the last entry. So, here it is instead!)

31st December 2010: Begun! I've made the main part of the white mandarin-collared tunic (still need to hem the lower edge and then edge it all in green and add the embroidery). I love the material I'm using on this tunic--it's a lovely soft cotton. It's all french-seamed, too. :P I also need to add hooks-and-eyes.

I've decided to add the chainmail sleeves to that tunic, rather than having a separate shirt (since there are so many layers to this costume already). I've cut out mailmesh-ish fabric in sleeve shape; need to work out which stitch to use to work on that material, though.

Right now I'm working on the blue tunic; I'm making it from a blue faux suede which looks fabulous but, eesh, it's hard to work with. The back of it is really heavily waxed, so it's semi-stiff and putting pins into it is painful (the new sewing machine has no problems at all with it, thankfully). I've made the basic tunic, just need to make sure to get the front opening right and add the slit up the back, and then I can work on adding the sand-coloured strips (more faux-suede, but thankfully not waxed the same way and so much more pliant).

12th December 2010: Fabrics! (The lowest three in the pile are for other costumes, but the rest is all for Edward).

Real blue-dyed suedes and real green-dyed leather (omg I actually bought genuine dead animal skin wtf). Also blue fake-suede, navy wool, cream cotton, blue lining, gold/sand fake-suede and dark-silver meshy stuff that will work as chainmail. I already have the brown fake-leather straps for the tunic and some green bias binding.

The only fabric things I don't have yet are the purplish blue for the trousers, the pale-blue edging bits for the cloak/belt and the red ribbon for the back of the belt. I have eyelets. Buckles and rivets are being ordered. Foam for the armour has been ordered.

Shoes, gloves, base layer, cloak clasp, brass bits for the belt back and wig all need to be figured out. But I've certainly got enough to really get cracking on making this!

...but we move house in a week and two days, so I will probably delay starting this until after we've moved. :D

2nd December 2010: Planning Okay, I've spent a while scraping the net for screenshots, and peering at the game itself. I think I have a pretty decent idea of the structure of this outfit!

What I need for this:
* black high-necked base layer
* silver chainmail sleeved shirt
* cream high-mandarin-collared sleeveless undershirt with green edging
* blue breastplate with intricate silver raised patterning
* blue sleeveless tunic with gold/sand-coloured trim and lace-like base, with dark brown straps held on by eyelets (some brass, some silver) and a couple of rivets (in silver), and a blue belt with green trim and brass endpieces, fastened at the back with red ribbon
* darkish blue/purple trousers with lighter blue patterning at the front and green belt details at the ankle (each belt with a silver buckle on the outside of the ankle)
* mid-blue short cloak with lighter blue patches and gold patterning on the front patches emanating from a swirly gold cloak-clasp. Rear of block has some even paler blue patterning on the light blue patches, and a gold detail at the rear base. The cloak also has a flop-down collar with some lighter blue patterning on
* dark blue armour for the outside upper arms, with raised silver patterning. Held on with brown strap, fastened with a brass buckle
* dark blue elbow armour with raised silver patterning, fits all the way around arms
* dark blue armour for the outside lower arms, with raised silver patterning. Also held on with brown straps and fastened with brass buckles
* black gloves
* dark blue armour piece with raised silver patterning on the back of each glove
* dark brown shoes with paler brown areas on each side (pattern looks a little like a t-bar sandal from the middle of the arch)

..and a wig, probably. Wheee.

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 10th January 2011
You have made some insanely fast progress! I really can't wait to see this all done :) It looks crazy complicated! It's looking great so far!

Storme avatar

Storme - 10th January 2011
Heh, I was thinking how dawdly and slack I've been - Pez is making Sigmund at a much faster pace. :D But it's fun to make!

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 17th January 2011
Liking the progress so far! Sucks about running out of thread! But I keep hearing about modge podge...it's like a finisher right?? I'm looking into stuff for working with the foam on estelle's shoes :)

Storme avatar

Storme - 18th January 2011
Mod Podge (just checked the spelling, whoops) is, right, sort of a glue/sealant/varnish combination thing. People always say it can be sort of sticky even when it's dried but Pez's experiments with it on Sigmund's armour didn't have any sort of tackiness to it. Maybe it's gotten better in the past couple of years, or maybe it just reacts well with the foam. It seems good to me!

Pez avatar

Pez - 14th February 2011
Bring me my wine, Edwardus.

Storme avatar

Storme - 18th February 2011
Pez: of course, My Lord. *fans with ostrich feathers*

kirato avatar

kirato - 21st February 2011
Looking good ;D

Storme avatar

Storme - 22nd February 2011

Ino avatar

Ino - 26th February 2011
Wow I can see you've put so much work into it O___O Fantastic job so far, can't wait to see it finished!

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 27th February 2011
Progress looks briliiant so far!

Storme avatar

Storme - 1st March 2011
Thanks! Trying to get it done for Bunkasai this weekend now. :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 4th March 2011
Wow much?..... This is pretty amazing! So wish i could see it at Bunkasai!

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 4th March 2011
Fantastic ^_^ Such intricate work on this, you must have alot of paitence!

Sakurastar123 avatar

Sakurastar123 - 4th March 2011
This is absolutely amazing! I love the way you put so much care into making sure all the details are accurate :)

Storme avatar

Storme - 4th March 2011
Thanks all! I'm at the stage where I look at bits of it and have no idea how I even began to make them :D

- avatar

- - 4th March 2011
this is so epic and the Armer looks fab!

SnowmanKline avatar

SnowmanKline - 5th March 2011
this looks so awsome nice job

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 5th March 2011
Oh my golly gosh!
This is looking superb!

Petchy-mon avatar

Petchy-mon - 7th March 2011
Loved your outfits! Was great talking to you guys in the stairwell =3

Storme avatar

Storme - 9th March 2011
Thanks everyone!

Nii Nii Danna: It was awesome talking to you guys too - it was sort of kickass how friendly it was generally backstage at the comp, really. :)

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 24th March 2011
*_* awesome costume, I love all the detail you've put into it! x

Storme avatar

Storme - 24th March 2011
Thanks! :D I need to upload new pictures from Minami, but I have been laaaaazy.

PixiePopNixie avatar

PixiePopNixie - 13th April 2011
Where did you get that meshy material from? I need to do chainmail too...

And do you think it'll look good for a practically totally exposed chainmail arm (minus seams)?

And that looks absolutely awesome!!!

Storme avatar

Storme - 13th April 2011
I found it in a shop in Goldhawk Road in London - I don't remember which one, one of the smaller ones - but it shouldn't be too hard to find a silver mesh.

http://store.buttercupminiatures.co.uk/Haberdashery-ribbon-and-fabric/Net-and-Tulle/Silver-mesh/prod_771.html is not too far off the sort of thing I used, from the looks of it--I used two layers of mesh sewn together, which stopped it from being too translucent and gave it some weight.

My mesh fabric had some blackness to the mesh pattern which I think helped to look more aged/realistic; perhaps you could do two layers of silver with one of black mesh at the bottom if you can't find a mix? That also might make it look like denser chainmail. Alternatively you could put the layers of mesh over a solid dark grey or black base, I suppose--I'd try getting some samples of mesh fabrics and then play about with them, if you can.

It actually looks pretty convincing even without the armour--the only thing is making sure your sleeve hem looks like it's not too, um, sleeve-hem-like. :D

And thanks! :)

Pez avatar

Pez - 13th April 2011
It looked like this but a bit darker, didn't it? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/METALLIC-NET-FABRIC-DANCE-FANCY-DRESS-COSTUME-MATERIAL_W0QQitemZ250800768826QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=224779395773&rvr_id=224779395773&cguid=05ee514c1240a0aad0e04400fca8cc88

Storme avatar

Storme - 13th April 2011
Yep, that's the sort of thing.

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 4th May 2011
You and Pez are so damn talented. You always make such an awesome pair.

Storme avatar

Storme - 5th May 2011
Wow. *blushes* See, Pez is talented, I think. My stuff is only at all decent because she makes sadfaces otherwise. :P But thank you!