Leon Magnus
Tales of Destiny

Cosplayer: Exelia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th February 2011: Resin Casting I've not done resin casting before but finding gems for Leon's cape is proving impossible, lol so I'm gonna try my hand at it at long last.

For the gems I cast a makeup lid with siligum, a silicon moulding kit. It takes about 10 minutes to set completely solid .. kinda daunting when it stays kinda squidgy as to when it's done, but it seems to have worked lol. I heard you can cast resin in artist palettes to get different size round gems but all the ones I found were either way too small or the wrong size completely, bah.

The resin kit I'm using is the standard Gebeo Clear Resin kit, comes in 2 parts and.. relatively easy and painless, lol. Put it together mix it up and cast away.

Since Leon's gems are blue, I dyed them with Vitrail 'Cobalt Blue' glass/metal paint I'm hoping I didn't put too much in.. it recommends a teeny drop and I put a couple of drops in, but I guess I'll see when it's finished casting.

Only thing I'm worried about is.. I have 1 mould.. I need 2 gems.. I need to mix this resin twice to get the same colour and cast it again exactly for the same size gems.. This will be interesting x__x

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 23rd November 2010
Yay! <3 Can't wait to see this, Destiny needs a LOT more love!

Yuka avatar

Yuka - 1st February 2011
Oooh nice design! It reminds me of Marth :D I hope you don't have anyone asking you why you have a pink cape XD <3

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Anonymous - 10th June 2011
Yaaaaaay Leon~ <3 Can't wait to see this :D

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KiraraYumi - 3rd May 2012
You know my pain! xD Looking forward to the day we get our acts together! Can't wait to see x3 I never thought of trying resin casting for the gems, nice! =O

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WhiteWraith - 10th September 2013
This looks amazing :)