Cosplayer: MollyMon

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Clood avatar

Clood - 12th November 2010

... <333333333 ilu

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 13th March 2011
This is going to be amazing and I can't wait your progress. ^_^

MollyMon avatar

MollyMon - 13th March 2011
Thanks, I'm already nervous about it - it's going to be rather costly!!
Will be sure to post up progress pictures although probably won't have time until easter or even the summer. D8

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 18th March 2011
Sounds good. ^_^

CharlieDoryRose avatar

CharlieDoryRose - 23rd September 2011
dkjsfosdf;dfsedf oh my Goddddd I love Balmung!! I hope I see you!!

MollyMon avatar

MollyMon - 8th October 2011
Thanks! Well I shouldn't be too hard to spot with the giant wings and all... Hopefully the feathers won't molt everywhere though... -fingers crossed-

Speckles avatar

Speckles - 11th June 2012
Hey were you that fantastic Balmung I saw in the masquerade? :)

MollyMon avatar

MollyMon - 15th June 2012
Hi, thank you, yes I was in the masquerade! I was so nervous, couldn't believe they put me on right near the end... ;____;