Litchi Faye-Ling

Cosplayer: animeaddict

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st May 2011: Wiggy wig Well man that wig is heavy now. And longer than I am tall too.

Just got 6 buttons to sew on now and litch is finnished ^^

2nd May 2011: Glasses Maybe a little too perfectionist?

Spent about 3 hours: sawing through the top of my old glasses with a scissor blade; removing the lenses; cutting, sawing and burning the ends as short as possible; and finally gluing the lenses back in, just because otherwise I'd've been mightily annoyed at the tiny detail.

And I broke three of my nails in the process :C /not impressed

29th April 2011: Pole of DOOM AAAARRRRGGGHHH

Why do I paint things?
I sawed the pole in half, glued in an inner tube, tested sliding the two parts together and it worked fine. Take them apart, paint them, once it's dry try to slide them together again. Doesn't work. And not only that, snaps the inner tube, partially inside the second part.

Rage enused but I did manage to fix it with a lot of superglue (that is now also bonded to and burning my fingers) and ducttape. It also grew a few inches because of that.

25th April 2011: Poley pole pole pole~ Finally getting onto making her pole.
185cm long approx, and am gonna have to paint it around exam revision ><

Given up on trying to make it easier to carry, am just going to have a big awkward prop with me.

29th March 2011: Poles and Pandas Ooo shoulda updated this when I started... Anywho, cosplay itself is mostly finished, as are the shoes and wig (Bar a few leaves, and I have glasses anyway so that works pretty well) all I have left is the Panda for her hair (which is sitting on my lap waiting to be assembled) and her pole.

Ah the Pole. Am not quite sure how long, or what out of, it should be made; and how in gods name it'll be possible (if at all) to get on the tubes as well.
I'm about 5'8 in with her heels on, so any suggestions at length, fabrics (bearing in mind I'm poor) and ways to make it public transport friendly'd be much appreciated. She won't be complete untill it is...

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No thanks - 30th March 2011
/cries at how beautiful you look

I'm so proud of you! this looks amazing sweetie i cant wait to see you again at may!!! <3

not sure how to get about the pole thing i always get nervous thinking about carrying props on public transport

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 30th March 2011
Looking good ^^ can't wait to see, a huge Blazblue group is going to May so if you see us say hi... Just look for a V-13 :3

animeaddict avatar

animeaddict - 30th March 2011
/cries at how beautiful you are
We'd best be gettin' that taos face meets boob shot now I'm actually making this xD
And am just currently wondering if it'd be plausable to make it detachable in the middle or sommat, cos if i want it taller than me I don't fancy taking a 6foot pole on the underground...

Cheers m'ladylime, I shall be looking out for you most assuredly, V-13 is bar far the coolest :3

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Petchy-mon - 30th March 2011
Looking great! =]

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No thanks - 30th March 2011
Proberly best then assemble it when we get there :3 and YES! we can do that shot xD

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sjbonnar - 30th March 2011
This looks epic!

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- - 30th March 2011
Looking very good indeed :3

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CosMech - 30th March 2011
love litchi hard toon to use though still learning ^^ amazing cosplay though just need a panda in the hair anda taoakka 'booby lady'

animeaddict avatar

animeaddict - 30th March 2011
Cheers guys :3

And I have a panda in mah hair xD And CharlotteLuna as my Tao :3

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Anonymous - 19th April 2011
You look absolutely great as Litchi, and you have an immense amount of courage to do that cosplay considering it is quite revealing.

For the pole, you could make it have a screw together section in the middle like a pool cue. Could be possible with two pieces of plastic piping. You could get a slightly thinner section of piping and glue it into one end, while leaving the other end to slide onto it. Then you could carry a bag or somesuch to conceal the prop for when it's needed.

animeaddict avatar

animeaddict - 21st April 2011
^//^ Thankyou! Though it's gonna be more clothes than the last expo, so less courage more sanity ^^;

I've been wondering about the screw together idea for a bit now, but the two sections within each other may actually be far more logical, and probably cheaper too...

Be lookin' forward to seein' you as Ragna in october :3

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Anonymous - 22nd April 2011
No problem. I had a look at your last cosplay. You certainly have a lot of courage for your cosplays.

Ragna's going to be difficult, But I hope to do it right.

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No thanks - 25th April 2011
/came back to spam comment how beautiful you are xD


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Limegreenjelly - 25th April 2011
CharlotteLuna is in my group so if your with her you'll definately see me at some point ^^ The progress still looks amazing... That pole it huge, I have a Bang as well in my group that your more than welcome to annoy :P

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Anonymous - 29th April 2011
Looks amazing sweety x

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Anonymous - 2nd May 2011
The staff looks really good. I hope the inner tube works out for you.

As for being 'too much of a perfectionist', there's no such thing. The glasses look Awesome, really. You took quite a lot of time to make them look good. Just keep them safe (like in a case or something) so they don't break.

animeaddict avatar

animeaddict - 3rd May 2011
Thanks ^^ I've just tackled transportation by recruiting friends, got litchi's and two other staffs of similar length to carry there, each person gets a pole 8D

Again thanks for the compliment, am probably just going to fling them in the same case as my actual glasses untill I find a spare one for expo.

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Defrain - 19th May 2011
Do not fear miss Litchie for I bang Shishigami the man more hotter then a flame and more magnifisant then a mountain shall off my protecttive servives and photographic presence at the msm expo, when ever you shall need me just look to the heavens find the evil one called V-13 and Ill be there, for I am the protector of love and justice the protector or the weak the giver of hope BANG SHISHIGAMI AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........... (lol sorry for that was just too tempting not too, will be great for photos Il be with my Gf the V-13 on saturday so dont be a stranger ^_^ )

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Newdles - 21st May 2011
Awesome stuff! Looking amazing so far :-)

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 21st May 2011
Your cosplay looks great already! ^^

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- - 21st May 2011
Long wig is long!!

Looks amazing tho! love the outfit too, very well done