Haman Karn
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Cosplayer: Debbie Ella

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th January 2012: Wig-progress! Finally getting round to fixing the wig... Still needs a lot work, but I'm getting there! Having a lot of fun with the colouring and styling, even tried crimping to get the extra poof! Love that Ardas wig are so heat-resistent. ♥ Still can't quite believe I left my hotel-room with the the original style, it looks horrendous! XD Oh well, new style isn't done the night before the con with kitchen sheers, you learn something new every day! :P

1000014 avatar

1000014 - 9th March 2011
This will be pretty cool to see.

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 10th March 2011
yes yes yes yes this will rock

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 28th January 2012
That wig is fantastic. How did you get the volume? Is it more than one wig. The fabric for the cape/dress thing is gorgeous. It looks velvety and rich.

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 29th January 2012
Thank you! It's only one wig, but a very thick one. :) It's got quite a lot of crimping and back-combing in there, and the dress is made out of black velvet. :)

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 5th March 2012
Looking good! How'd you get your eyebrows to match the wig so perfectly?

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 5th March 2012

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 5th March 2012
Thanks! I just happened to have an eyeshadow that was the right colour! It was my first attempt at coloring my eyebrows with a crazy colour, and because I have some pretty damn coarse eyebrows I was worried it would look without using latex but it was fine! ^^ Just thru on some foundation over them, then brushed on eyeshadow. ^^;